Things get hot at PHFI-W??? The LAMESET journal pitches in…

Dr. Be Greedier looked at himself in the mirror. He struggled to straighten his tie which sat uncomfortably tight on his neck.  From a certain angle it looked like a noose and sometimes it even felt like –  that both literally and figuratively.

He was to Dr. Shrimaanth Deadly what other stooges were to Dr. Sivarasan, Dr. Sevasadan, Dr Get a Sen(se) etc.

Their organization PHFI-W? was in deep trouble. They had been accused of fraud, forgery, crime, corruption, nepotism, manipulation, etc. The organization had been asked to answer some basic questions (as any decent public organization would be expected to answer, considering of course that they lived, dined, wined, traveled, relaxed and existed on public money) to which they had given downright misleading answers. When this was questioned (by a lawyer and a journalist, no less), Dr. Be Greedier had given such a stupid response, that it effectively stopped any further questions (or so he thought).

Dr. Be Greedier stated that the answers given by his organization were not deliberately misleading, but accidentally misleading. Apparently, names had been deliberately entered correctly (since they were big names, one could hardly make a mistake on this), but designations had been accidentally entered incorrectly. This national organization apparently had all their RTI applications reviewed by junior clerical staff who were so naïve, innocent and inefficient that they made innocent errors (completely unintentional, of course) that the eminent Dr. Shrimaanth Deadly had overlooked. One could hardly blame him for overlooking these unintentional errors, because he was so busy meeting with Dr. Get a Sen(se) and Mr. Main Taxing.  Dr. Shrimaanth Deadly and his stooge Dr. Be Greedier had never ever ever heard of the term ‘vicarious responsibility’ because they hadn’t attended colleges that taught that particular subject.

Dr. Be Greedier even had the audacity to state that all the information had been sent in good faith. Maybe it was a good faith that no one would raise the issue or question them. These tacky responses give ones imagination a wide playing field. One can only guess the ethical and professional codes and conducts of this so called national public health organization.

In the meantime, The LAMESET was a journal that endeavoured to publish articles that upheld its honor, name and integrity. They screened with a fine tooth comb, all the articles that arrived at their doorstep from different parts of the country, to pick those that met specific inclusion criteria. They had to come from a lame set of people, and about this there was absolutely NO COMPROMISE. This lame set lived in different parts of the world. The LAMESET journal had even published an article that said PPP (Private polluting the Public) was the bestest ever in the world without caring two hoots that this article came from none other than Dr. Sivarasan’s journalist stooge, Ms. Bhagthi Gone Sham (which meant that her writing was a sham) without even bothering to ask her about conflict of interest which she also had conveniently forgotten to disclose. The LAMESET next published a series of articles that berated governments for their lack of governance skills. Subsequently the LAMESET began pushing for health insurance, cleverly couching it in colorful terms.


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  1. Please, just stop and think for a few minutes about what a government run single payer or healthcare “public option” really means. What happens when the glow of a great new public service offering wears off and the administrators have to face reality and are forced to make the tough decisions needed to balance their budgets? Do you have confidence that this Congressional, politically driven, scorched earth approach to reform is the only, or even the best solution to our healthcare problems?? If not, please take the few minutes required to communicate it to others, including your elected officials.


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