Sweet as sugary syrup

This story cannot be quite complete without bringing in the extremely sugary sweet, angelic, good-natured, perpetually smiling, ever kind, sensitive, generous, innocent Dr. Sevasadan into the picture. He was so humble that even humility felt out-maneuvered by him. He was so simple that even simplicity slid away having lost in his presence. He was so sensitive that even Sensodyne wouldn’t work on him.

His office could never, ever be called an office. In fact, Dr. Sevasadan took it as a personal affront for his office to be called an office. According to him, it was a home, blossoming with love, home food and a happy family. His office(ial) family was so happy that flowers automatically bloomed in their garden, simply out of imbibing all the love that emanated from within.

His one true love was health insurance. He loved it so much that he even followed her practices of incentivisation and Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) in his day to day life. instead of the regular (and boring) old salary policy.

The inclusion criteria for the incentive policy were simple and straightforward – one had to be male, brahmin and agree with Dr. Sevasadan on everything. By everything, I mean, EVERYTHING -how one dressed, how one smiled, who one smiled at, when one smiled, what one smiled at, who one smiled with etc. Luckily for Dr. Sevasadan, he found two good natured young brahmin men who meet each and every of his inclusion criteria. These perfect gentlemen were so keen to benefit from these incentive policies that they really DID do everything he wanted.

The CCT was strategically placed to meet the needs of those who did not meet the incentive inclusion criteria – this included the women and /or stupid people. It could have also possibly included dalits, but this was not relevant because the organization did not have them anyway, since it believed in equity and hated classifying people based on their dalitness or the lack of it.

Having grown up in a remote jungle like area Dr. Sevasadan had one weakness. He had a desire to have some nice friend and belong to the club of nice people like Dr. Shrimaanth Deadly, Dr. Get a Sen(se), Dr. Sivarasan, Dr. Desi Sweaty etc. and for this he was willing to do anything.

Well almost anything………………

The only thing he point blank refused to do was to talk at any of their meetings. So he was ever present and ever smiling at all their meetings but wouldn’t say a word. This worked fine for them, because they always took his silence as a ‘yes’ to whatever they said. After all he added up another number to the decision making processes.


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  1. Sacarstic though the article appears to be, the reality contained in it is enough evidence how unjust country leaders become the world over. It is sad that only the ‘secret society and its committee of 300’ is making all the corrupt decisons for the whole world. There is need to scrutinize who the secret society are and make their heinous activities public. Useful and good blogging material.


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