Democracy as represented by three people

Dr. Get A Sen(se) was elated. She and Dr. Shrimaanth Deadly had been invited to a close door meeting with  Mr. Main Taxing.  Mr. Main Taxing was taxing in more ways than one, but he was in power, so one just had to let the country head any which way that he so decided.

Dr. Shrimaanth Deadly had just signed an MoU for the largest Private Polluting Public (PPP) deal in the country between his organization Public Health for India, Why? (PHFI –W) and the government of the country. The MoU would mean that PHFI-W? would be able to call all the shots at will and dictate to the government exactly what could and could not be done. The entire MoU contained rules that the government had to follow to facilitate PHFI-W? while PHFI –W? itself could not be questioned.

The country waits bated breath while Dr. Get A Sen(se) and Dr. Shrimaanth Deadly hob-nob behind close with Mr. Main Taxing. If the fate of health of the entire country is going to be decided by this endearing threesome, then we have a long way to go indeed. So much for democracy – long live democracy and people’s rights.


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