Sense and sensibilities……….

Dr. Get a Sen(se) was most upset. Her carefully cultivated position of “Be all and know all” was crumbling.

For one, questions were being raised. She had apparently attended a state level meeting  where strategic plans were being made to sell the health system of the entire state to the private sector. The concern was that she hadn’t raised a single objection.

Her ‘shishya’ loyally and bravely rose to the occasion.

He sent a strongly worded email to anyone who would care to listen. “Dr. Get a Sen(se)wasn’t present at that meeting” he hollered through his effectively worded email missile. Apparently she had been so jet-lagged after her meeting with the High(x7) Level Economic Group, that she had sent her representative to the state meeting.

Hmmm, interesting position indeed!

So if I didn’t go for a meeting and sent my minion instead, would I not become vicariously responsible or accountable for what he said or didn’t say (on behalf of me)? Or would I weave his presence and my absence cohesively into a nice ready made little answer every time an issue was raised.

“ Why didn’t you speak?”

“ Hmm, coz I wasn’t there?”

“ But he was there on your behalf!!”

“Yes, that’s true, but he couldn’t talk on my behalf”

“So does that mean you were there?”

““My representative was there, but I wasn’t really there”

“So you mean you weren’t there?”

“Of course I was there. I sent my representative”

The minion also stated that the outputs of the meeting had left him quite appalled – a sentiment that was apparently shared by his mentor.

“Really?” I wanted to ask, but tactically refrained from doing so. “Like who cares two hoots whether you are appalled or not? Did the world ever change because someone got appalled?

Now having been appalled, if one had taken recourse to any of the below mentioned actions, then the feeling of being appalled would have had some merit.

Could an alarm have been raised about the efforts to sell the state out?

Could one have written a strong letter of objection?
Could one have boycotted the group to avoid being considered a co-optee?

Could one have written a nice tight piece of research to publish in an international or national journal?
Could one have alerted the media – called a press conference maybe?

Since I am not part of this story, I only observe, and write.One day, in the great halls of judgement, this blog may be pulled up and the question asked to a certain Dr. Get a Sen(se).

“Who died because you got appalled? Or who lived because you got appalled? What did you really do when you saw an appalling event unfold in front of your (or your representative’s) eyes?

Did you just get on with business as usual?

And was that okay????

Really, think about it, was it okay??


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