Networking of PPP (Pro -Privatisation Partners)

Now Dr. Shrimaanth Deadly had begun a search mission in earnest. He wanted the organization that he had built (not from scratch, but from government funds) to develop into an army. This army would help him in his pet mission of takeover.

On doing a google search with the key words ‘terrorist, public health’, he naturally came across Dr. Sivarasan, who also had been a good friend for years. So he immediately sat down at his imported laptop in his cushy, ‘government funded’ office and dashed off the following mail.

Dear Dr. Sivarasan,

As you know, the Public Health For India – Why? (PHFI-W?) has a growing and focused academic programme

It proposes to convene an “All in All Capture” that will serve as a valuable means of disconnecting policies from people and facilitating  a one way flow of funds and zero flow of information. The committee will comprise senior persons such as yourself who openly promote PPP such as ours. Your terrorist behaviour is well known far and wide and would greatly facilitate our efforts to bypass government mechanisms.

This committee has certain formal duties

  1. Promote public private partnership (Comment: Dr. Sivarasan please do not mind that this is not backed by evidence. We are in the process of creating it with our other partners).
  2. Help identify strategic ways of controlling the government.
  3. Help develop academic modules for our Public health students. Some of the tentative suggestions are “How to do nothing with government money while making tall claims”, “How to claim to single handedly do ALL functions of the government without a single flaw”, “How to threaten government officials successfully”. We at PHFI – W?  also enthusiastically look forward to a practical demonstration as we believe that our students will only truly learn through grass roots experience.
  4. We would also like you to hand pick faculty who can think and act like you. (I remember a bright young man who said yes to everything you said. Is he still around? Would love to have him as future faculty)

The Committee is expected to convene at least once a year in person and more often if necessary.

We would like to formally invite you to be a permanent member of this Committee (although we’ve already decided this long back, right?? He,he!! So much for  protocol)

We look forward to hearing and learning from you.

Dr. Shrimaanth Deadly


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