On being appalled………

Oh my GOD

I am appalled

Children on the streets, begging?

They appall me.

The government hands money to the private sector?

PPP model?

I am appalled

Of course I sit at their meetings

And say not a word.

But believe me

That doesn’t make me any less appalled.

Corruption – well I don’t even have to say it

But I will

It is appalling

So is crime, gender discrimination and violence.

What an appalling state of affairs

What, you want me to speak at a conference?

About the appalling state of the country

Of course – business class (my ticket), if you don’t mind

You want to make a committee

To discuss this?

OK fine………..

I will categorically tell them

That it is appalling.

I feel happy

I really do speak my mind.

You are appalled, you say?

About what, may I ask?

At my attitude?

Hmph, you people

You are never satisfied.


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