Sivarasan – the terrorist who didn’t kill Rajiv (Gandhi)

Dr. Sivarasan was a single child. Ever since he was a small boy, he had a tendency to wander off by himself, looking for nirvana. His childlike brain could not grasp the concept that nirvana was a state of mind. He believed, with the true and simple sincerity of a child, that nirvana was something that could be collected – like a PHC or an award. As he grew up, a part of his subconscious felt that this whole nirvana business was proving to be rather annoyingly elusive. So he very sub-consciously began to collect other things. The more he surrounded himself with things, the closer he thought he was to nirvana. The first things he collected around himself were a few primary health centres.

He also collected a lot of money.

He won several awards that included “No Right to Livelihood’ award, the “One who single-handedly monopolized the government’ award, the ‘Whatever the government does, I will claim to do better’ award, and other similar national and international awards.

Being naturally reticent, he never boasted about any of these wondrous awards but he did tend to drone on about a certain “Lifetime achievement’ award. The interesting thing about this award was that it didn’t care about what was achieved during one’s lifetime. In this particular (and peculiar) instance of Dr. Sivarasan, the achievement consisted of a lifetime of taking over the government, harassment, monopoly and lack of both transparency and scruples. During his lifetime, Dr. Sivarasan had indeed achieved many things. The only thing pending was nirvana which didn’t seem such a big deal after some time.

Now the fact that he shared his name with a terrorist would have embarrassed and fazed a normal living being. But since he wasn’t, he used the name to his advantage. “Sivarasan here’ he would bellow into the phone when dealing with timid government officials. On hearing his name, the trembling officials would sign wherever he wanted, even coming into his office to do so. They would even sign whenever he wanted and whatever he wanted them to. His terrorist like demands were well known, but everyone cringed to even talk about this stuff. He acquired land, projects, fame. Of course he also acquired lots of money.

”I AM the government’ he yelled at public fora “Give me half the government money and I will do whatever they have to do but twice as better’. When asked for proof, his journalist friend and PhD stooge regularly dished out articles in international journals about one measly intervention that incidentally also was fraudulent.

So why, one wonders, do we talk about this Dr. Sivarasan. Because he just released an autobiography, that’s why and this story is like a kind of press release or publicity campaign.

The autobiography is called “How I sold my government to private players in my search for nirvana’

Please you read it……. (Excerpts to follow)


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