Dr. Get a Sen(se) was clever.There was absolutely no denying this fact.

In fact she was SO clever that she sounded quite dumb at times. This was just a complex paradox of intellectual manifestation that can be seen in the very clever people. If you think I am being blasé let me rush to inform you that Dr. Get a Sen(se) had completed her PhD in the US where her explosive thesis ‘ How to say over twenty minutes what you can say in five’, shook the entire American nation. In fact it led to a new trend in the US where competitions were held on how one could spread as little content as possible over the longest period of time.

She also had another completely different degree from Europe. Her thesis in this particular continent was ‘How to talk about a village without ever having visited one’. This one sent shock waves through the entire continent. It led to another large movement among the European (and a few American) academicians. It was even upscaled into an international policy document – “How to talk about a developing country without ever having visited one’.

Amidst all the accolades she received internationally, she decided to fly back to her home country. Her special expertise was that she had special expertise in EVERY field – technology, agriculture, education, adolescents, health, energy, economics, nuclear warfare, acrobatics, espionage, gender, culture, management, global health, international politics – you get the point.

However, as observed with most great people, she didn’t know the population of the primary health centre (having never visited one). But this of course was completely irrelevant because she was SO busy being on SO many committees.

Her most recent committee was a national one called HHHHHHHLEG which meant High High High High High High Level Economic Group. This concept of this group originated in the  Andaman and Nicobar islands by Dr. Shrimaanth Deadly, but the order came from Delhi.

Now, this Dr. Shrimaanth Deadly had only one desire in life. No, make that two. Actually make it three. Actually forget it. It is difficult to gauge his desire list.

One only needs to know a few things about Dr. Shrimaanth Deadly. He holds the heart of the country’s ruler in his hand and he is a politician.

He runs a small little office located in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands called PHFI-W – an acronym for “Public Health For India – WHY??

His logic was simple really. Why have public health for India when you could have private health? This question was posed by him several times to the ruler of the country.  The ruler had also been asked exactly the same question by HIS rulers, so everyone was in happy agreement with each other.

‘It’s final then’ said Dr. Shrimaanth Deadly, “the private sector is the only way forward’. “Yes, yes, bahuth acha, most certainly, yes, right, true, true” nodded the ruler, his colorful turban bobbing back and forth. “But let’s get a second opinion from Aloowala’.

Dr. Shrimanth Deadly squeezed the ruler’s heart a wee bit tighter and his tone got a wee bit harsher. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you’ he said.

The ruler felt a frisson of fear run through his backbone in spite of his being spineless. “Let’s at least pretend to consult SOMEONE’ he begged “You put the committee together’.

So that’s how a committee was put together to decide the fate of the country……….

But then again, that’s another story…….


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