Vote for Ambedkar as ‘greatest Indian’ coz he is…

I doubt if Gandhi was the greatest Indian, but here’s your chance to vote for one. I voted for Ambedkar……….(just send a missed call to 08082891002)

‘Great’ is a label that sits easily with Gandhi. But who, after the Mahatma, is the greatest Indian to have walked our soil? Which Indian has touched and changed our lives for the better, forever? Which Indian has made us hold our heads high and inspired us to aspire?

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The Greatest Indian After Gandhi

Unique Three-way Voting Process

  • Our 26-member jury has finalised the 50 top nominees from a list of 100
  • From June 4, readers and viewers can vote online or by phone till June 25
  • From July 1 to 31, a nationwide opinion poll will be held to choose the top ten
  • The name of the Greatest Indian after Gandhi will be announced on August 15

How You Can Cast Your Vote

  • Visit and click on your choice
  • Give a missed call to the unique number given to each of the 50 nominees


6 thoughts on “Vote for Ambedkar as ‘greatest Indian’ coz he is…

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  1. Outlook has to make Gandhi as the FIRST greatest indian.
    If we look at Gandhi’s life, and his arguments with Dr. Ambedkar, in his articles at “Harijan” magazine, we can see that how biased Gandhi was with a religious obligation to Rama, his God.
    Ambedkar, on the contrary, though criticized Hinduism’s casteism, he gave an outlook for all Indians, both oppressing and oppressed castes. Unless Hinduism is purified (“Hindu Code Bill” , “Hindu Purification Act”, by Ambedkar), we can not make India a stable nation.
    People were not ready at that time, with religious emotions, not with logical reasons.

    The question to ask is that who is the greatest indian? Buddha , I think was the greatest first, then comes Ambedkar.
    Instead, outlookIndia already crowned Gandhi as greatest.
    Any decisions based on religious sentiments and emotions can not stand the test of time. Nobody cares about Gandhi’s peace, Hindus and Muslims living together, and his village economical development.
    Ambedkar clearly mentioned that Hinduism and Islam are antithesis to each other (“Pakistan or Partition” – Dr. BR. Ambedkar), and hence can not co-exist. Hence division of Pakistan is inevitable.
    Now a days, focus had been shifted to cities ONLY now, with IT industry leading, and Chidambaram’s mining industrian creed killing tribals in villages. People forget that Gandhian village development is the center for indian development and city life is the continuum of villages.
    Gandhism is vanishing, being ignored.
    Ambedkar’s work is based on logical reasons, not religious.


  2. Dr.Ambedkar has given INDIAN CONSTITUTION which controls our judicial system and our social life while execution of such type of soulful work BABA SAHAB can’t get proper attention from their citizens ,this is so shameful for us so think about it very seriously without any biased attitute..


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