The educated adi woman’s perspective on the Brahmin male.

Why is it that a brahmin male will have sex with an adi woman but not marry her? Male instincts ensure that men are attracted to women irrespective of caste and color – a hint of a breast, an exposed waist, a heaving cleavage – this is adequate to get the testosterone loaded enough to want a sexual encounter. However, the brahmin male has his mum and dad, siblings, society and peer group, to ensure that at least visibly and socially, he conforms. To conform is important to the brahmin male because that is where he derives his sense of superiority from. The brahmin male has no identity or self esteem beyond his caste. It gives him much sought after power and status. Within this closely knit brahmin community, he further redefines his status through his educational and economic mobility.

The brahmin male cannot place a value on beauty because he realizes that there are women much more beautiful than the brahmin woman. The woman with fire in her eyes, with a clean olive complexion, the dusky beauty, the one with the warmth and love and genuine desire for him – this cannot be the brahmin woman, precisely because she is not the brahmin woman.

The brahmin male knows when to throw the gender arrow and when the caste arrow. When confronted with an adi woman who is a threat to him because she is smart and educated or empowered, he cannot openly condemn her for her caste background. He will therefore, at his convenience, bring in the gender dimension, where he questions her capability based on standard gender prejudices – her competency, the quality of her work, her rationality, her skills, her limitations because of her background and upbringing, her inability to give quality time to her work because of her family commitments and social limitations, his understanding of her weakness and therefore his acceptance of his role as her superior, if only to guide and support.

When she questions him, he never fails to remind her of these petty ploys which he uses to build himself up as her technical superior.

The brahmin female – a vapid semi existent marriage worthy commodity
The brahmin female derives her identity from the brahmin male. Her sense of worth is largely defined by the brahmin male. With him she is able to become the vanguard of education, philosophy and culture in India. She supplements and complements the brahmin male – whether it be through dance or art or food or culture.
Her role is unique in that she will go out of her way to question male domination, aping her western counterparts, but not in a way that would threaten her brahmin existence. So a subjugation of her by the brahmin male is acceptable and propagated only as long as it is within the boundary of establishing the brahmin as an unique and superior identity.
When a brahmin woman relates with a non brahmin woman, she greedily laps up all aspects of the woman woman relationship that does not threaten or question her brahmin identity. The brahmin woman is even happy to underplay her brahmin identity to gain from her ‘girl relationships’. It give her a sense of connectedness with the western world where she feels she has sufficiently imbibed and benefited from the western notion of female emancipation and empowerment.
The brahmin woman understands the intrinsic gender inequality within the system and will question it, so long as it doesn’t include her losing her brahmin status. She WILL marry a brahmin. Her life is dichotomous. In public, she will rant about the injustices experienced by women, going to far as to classify these women as dalit, muslim or economically deprived. She will question the non brahmin male for drinking, violence, sexual abuse and for not being a social and economic support.
However she is silent when it comes to the brahmin male. She will not question him for his brahminness but rather for his male practices. She will ask why a brahmin woman is not allowed to do what a brahmin man can do , but she will never question why a non brahmin male, or even worse, a non brahmin woman cannot do what the brahmin male does.

The adi woman is the most extraordinary and beautiful object in India. She gives India the beauty and graciousness and wisdom that no savarna male can give. A savarna male can NEVER be what an adi woman is – this is why he does EVERYTHING he can to suppress her. He does it in the most debased and inhuman ways – by physically beating her, by verbally abusing her, by sexually violating her and by removing every right to a dignified existence. He prevents her from having toilets, he prevents her from having a respectable livelihood, from having access to water, from having nutrition, from having health, from educating herself and her children and from speaking.

According to the savarna the adi woman should be affordable, available, adjustable, amenable and accessible (Quote from the book ‘Dalit women speak’). He beats her with rods, on her head, on her back, her groin, her breasts and on her face. He abuses her with the most filthy language that no decent man would use against ANYONE, leave alone a woman. He sexually violates her by raping,, stripping and parading her naked.

And YET this woman, she smiles. She holds the power of humanity in her hands. Why are adi women SO beautiful? Why does their skin glow so, why do they laugh, why do their eyes twinkle? Where does this spirit come from? It comes from inner strength. An adi woman knows more about equality and rights than a US born and educated brahmin would ever know. This is why the savarna man hates adi women. Because he knows that he can NEVER be as GOOD, as KIND, as FORGIVING, as BEAUTIFUL, as PATIENT as her. He sees his own worthlessness when he sees her. All he can do is go in gangs and try to break her spirit. He uses words to insult her but all he does is show his own true colors.

A real man would never treat a woman the way a savarna man treats an adi woman. This is the truth that they just cannot bear to live with. But that’s the problem with truth – it’s the TRUTH.

When the adi woman is empowered, when she sits in a position of power, when she is nurtured, when she and her sisterfolk – the other adi women become the majority in leading this country, surely this country will thrive. Surely this country will be governed with wisdom and kindness. When the brahmims are prevented from scheming and plotting about how to better themselves at the cost of everyone else in the country then surely India will be a force to reckon with. Till then we can live with the crap…….. and adi people are no longer available to clean up the crap the brahmins are giving to the country.



  1. Wow, very deep thoughts when you said “a brahmin woman will go out of her way to question male domination, along the lines of her western counterparts, but not in a way that would threaten her brahmin existence”. Very real. You had so deep into psychology, sub-conscious mind, and thinking. I wan unable to describe these. Your words expressed it very clearly.
    How true it is when you describe a dalit male as: “non descript, broken and badly wounded. …. His dignity is totally broken. He cannot protect or impress the dalit women folk, but he can control them and he does so with a vengeance.:
    WOW, so correct. A conversion of religion to Islam or Christianity regains the inner strength to some degree though. But, the Christianity is so corrupted with casteism in India. Hence he is lost. Islam conversion does not happen with educated dalits. There are flaws in this process as well.
    Ambedkar’s conversion to Buddhism is very correct. But then, neo-buddhists are untouchables as Hinduism devoured it, i guess.
    Sure it is right on brahmin male when you said: “he has no identity or self esteem beyond his caste. It gives him much sought after power and status”. It is very true in USA that brahmin seeks prasie associating himself to male counterpart here. If white woman appreciates him, it is the BEST.
    You had gone deeper into psychology. All are very practical and happening.
    GREATEST work . No one has gone so deep and gave voice to the effect of Brahminism/Hinduism on human psychology/behavior. I am an engineer. I went to IIT madras, seen these behavior you are describing. I always wonder how to explain.
    Please keep your work going. Mahatma Gandhi said, “…Truth does not become an error because nobody sees it”.
    You talk about issues, that nobody sees them. People don’t know what they are doing in this IT boom rat race, “get richer fast…”..


      • Wow, you have a knack of finding the right articles.
        I don’t know about Rukmini Bhaya Nair before. Her analysis is very real. I faced this scenario at IIT, in 1990s. Crazy but true. IIT stress is not the right model that encourages creativity, but it creates knowledge banks, a box filled with papers, that can be picked up and released to audience. There are exceptional IIT students, true. But most of the others are being under the western leadership of Mark Zukenburg, Bill Gates or some other. May be we want more IIT dropouts or ‘misfits’ to get out and become creative.


      • Prof Nalin Pant of IIT Delhi analyzed the problem right on IIT students. The professors discriminate against these students who are not doing well like those city bred, culturally advantageous(having more “cultural capital” compared village or semi-city talented IIT students).
        In United States, one needs to go through set of teaching psychology classes before start teaching. IN professional schools, this is waived. So, the professors and lecturers do NOT understand psychology and talent, how they are interlinked. Instead of encouraging the “weak” or “misfits” who have little cultural capital, these professor look for “talent”.

        They MUST make the professors and lecturers undergo psychology classes and unlearn the biased view of “talent” , relearn what is “talent”.. It is OK to spend more years in IIT, but it is more important that the effort the ‘misfits’ put into, that is important.
        It is OK to have less than 4/4 GPA as creativity has nothing to do with GPA, but “out of the box” thinking.
        That is why United States has a big advantage over India. Indians, mostly work under the US ‘misfits’.


  2. I am a student in the US writing a graduate paper on the current global environment of India and I found this article very enlightening on the current status of gender roles in India. Thank you for your insight and beautiful articulation.


    • This article is grossly inaccurate, and your thesis will probably be the most factually incorrect. Her view of the upper caste is biased, and she’s using the facade of “being an educated dalit” to attempt to legitimize her beliefs. I’m a brahmin, and believe it or not, this is NOT how an every day brahmin person thinks. I have dalit friends, and I bear no bias towards them.


  3. Dr. Sylvia Karpagam, are you a “dalit” or a Christian?

    What is the purpose of this “brahmin-bashing” ? I am not Brahmin or Baniya but it seems that the so-called “dalits”, Christians and Muslims are targetting them only because they were once the keepers of knowledge. It is also quite possible that in a byegone era, they might have denied knowledge to people belonging to other cases but that is similar to the “Intellectual property rights” the West is now very keen to protect. Also Education was not a paying proposition till the Britishers started employing “Clerks”. So there might not have been many takers for knowledge at that time.


    • Dear Raghu, brahmins are the ‘keepers’ of knowledge and also the ‘deniers’ of knowledge to other communities. The concept of intellectual property rights may apply in the case of an invention or something that is created by someone. It is sad that you are able to explain the fact that thousands of dalit children are denied education (and have been denied so) for several years, using the same concept of IP rights. Why should education be a right of a brahmin? is it not because they believe that they are the only ones who should have knowledge. This is precisely what I am questioning. It is also sad that when issues are raised about the injustices within the hindu society, the only argument seems to be to quote similar examples from other religions. No matter which religion does it, discrimination is wrong. Apartheid is wrong, racism is wrong, casteism is wrong. The sooner we accept it, the quicker we can work towards breaking these gaps in our system. It really doesnt matter if i am a dalit or a christian. What matters is we are humans and we question injustice even if we are not the victims of it. I believe this……that is why i write about any issue that I perceive to be an injustice.


      • I am a brahmin male and even though i have seen beautiful women who are not brahmin whether Indian or elsewhere,and i dont get attracted to them emotionally.Physically yes,but emotionally no,

        Not only me most brahmin males are like me in this regard.Giving education to anyone is always the prerogative of the guru and if u see historically the guru gives education to the earnest,humble and correct student,

        A brahmin male is supposed to be the intellectual leader of the society and he ll impart education only to those who can handle it and not abuse it.A person possessing knowledge cannot have an ego and he cannot put his ego above social issues and has to serve the society.

        And unlike what you think,a brahmin woman is the most powerful in a brahmin hosuehold,any man who can think deeply ll understand and admit that women are intrinsically more powerful than men and when someone is more powerful,it is even more important to be responsible as well,thats why there are restrictions on them just like brahmin males.

        Every brahmin male is raised by his mom and all his superlative qualities are attributed to her alone.When you talk about discrimination/racism,there is no need for it to be wrong.

        Shivam/Shakti,Shivam is the external expression whereas shakti is the real internal strength.

        You cant say that you have share what u invented or inherited with me,why should i? why dont u do it yourself,what do u give me in return?

        Not only education,Kshatriya knew how to fight,vaishyas how to make wealth and the shudras how to farm and keep the land,there is a lot of intrinsic knowledge in these fields too.

        how come u r not asking them their weapons/money/land?

        Why r the dalits not asking for the land from the land owning castes but are rushing to demand education from the brahmin?


      • Brahmins made huge contributions to Astronomy, Political Science, Ayurveda, Natyasastra, Pranayama, Yoga and of course Kamasutra. Brahmins never ruled any Indian Kingdoms. The first Arab invader of India Mohammad bin Qasim circumcised thousands of Brahmins. He and other Mughal invaders killed thousands of Brahmins who refused the forced conversion to Islam. Aurangzeb massacred more than 200,000 Brahmins including women and children in Kashmir, Benares, Haridwar etc. He made mountains of skulls of Brahmins and their children.
        Brahmins were also crucified by Portuguese Inquisition in Goa. Fanatic Barbarians from Portuguese brutally killed Konkani Brahmins (Gaud Saraswat Brahmins). When Portuguese arrived India, St Xavier wrot to the KIng of Portuguese that ” If there were no Brahmins, all pagans would be converted as Catholics”. Tipu Sultan’s Army arrived at Melkote on a Deepavali and massacred about thousand Mandyam Iyengars.
        In India, it’s well known that couples shopping for sperm demand both looks and brains and there is a definite preference for Brahmin donors .


  4. I am really at loss of words after reading this post. This is nothing but gross generalization and highly biased analysis of Brahmin men or women. Find it hard to believe that an educated person, a doctor could have written something like this.

    BTW, I am not a Brahmin or an upper cast but have meet and worked with many of them. I don’t find them to be any different from other Indians. Here are couple of statements that jumped out as absured:

    “Why is it that a Brahmin male will have sex with a dalit woman but not marry her?” As you have already alluded to, getting attracted to females is a genetic thing for men, driven by testosterone. Not just Brahmin, any man would have a sex with any female he finds attractive. But most marriages in India are still arranged and parents want their kids to get married to someone close to them in culture, religion etc. So most people in India, including Christians and Muslims marry only within their own communities. This is not specific to Brahmins.

    Also, you seem to be implying that Brahmin men are going around forcing dalit women to have sex with them. Like other countries, India also has its share of crimes against women and I am sure poor and dalits women are probably larger percent of victms. But I don’t see any evidence of Brahmin men specifically engaging in this activity or dalit women being the only targets.

    “The Brahmin male cannot place a value on beauty…” Really? Can you explain in what way Brahmin male is not able to value beauty? And how did you come to the conclusion that Brahmin woman cannot have warmth, love and genuine desire?

    “When confronted with a dalit woman who is a threat to him because she is smart and educated or empowered…” Are you implying that only dalit women in India are smart, educated and empowered? Women joining workforce in large numbers is a recent phenomenon in India and there are many workplaces where they are joining the workforce only now. So sexual harassment related awareness and laws are not there yet. But again, I don’t see any specific issue here related to Brahmin male and dalit female. Can you provide some examples?

    “The brahmin female derives her identity from the brahmin male. Her sense of worth is largely defined by the brahmin male.” Can you elaborate or give some examples of this?

    Being against cast system and cast based discrimination is a good thing but mindless demonization of a group of people doesn’t really help in anyway.


    • Above article is just complete biased rubbish. I am a brahmin and nothing as above article happened to me . nothing to say.
      This thing creates gap and not to fill that.


      • I agree…the writer is biased and I believe she did not have too many good experiences with Brahmins or she has been criticized for being born in a particular caste by a handful of Brahmins who have superiority complex and now she goes on stereotyping the entire Brahmin community by bashing them with nonsensical theories.


      • More important than being an ‘atheist in a brahmin family’ it would be interesting to know if you are ‘non-casteist’ in a brahmin family. Do indicate how many dalit homes you have eaten at, how many dalits you have invited to your home for a meal, and also whether you would be happy to marry a dalit woman/man. If your answer is ‘no’ to these questions, then you obviously are casteist and that rests my case for this discussion.


      • The views expressed by Dr Sylvia are biased in today’s context. No caste in India follows the tenets coined by Dharmasatras. Then why this tirade against one community?


  5. It really does matter if you are a dalit or a christian. Will you also write an article giving “The educated dalit woman’s perspective on the Roman Catholic Priests and Nuns” ?

    According to Wiki, there are separate seats, separate communion cups, burial grounds, and churches for members of the lower castes, especially in the Roman Catholic Church. Catholic churches in India are largely controlled by upper caste Priests and nuns. Presently in India, more than 70 per cent of Catholics are Dalits, but the higher caste Catholics (30% by estimates) control 90 per cent of the Catholic churches administrative jobs. Out of the 156 catholic bishops, only 6 are from lower castes.

    >>>No matter which religion does it, discrimination is wrong>> I do not hold any brief to defend any religion but converts in India thinks that they have become White skinned Europeans or Arabs by virtue of accepting an alien faith and find fault with everything in India and Indian!!!!


    • Raghu the first few blogs of mine are about the rampant discrimination within the catholic church. It is a shame and you are absolutely right about dalit priests and nuns getting discriminated. Unfortunately this is an offshoot of the larger caste system prevalent in the country. Caste practices within any religion – Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh must be abolished.


      • Raghu the first few blogs of mine are about the rampant discrimination within the catholic church. It is a shame and you are absolutely right about dalit priests and nuns getting discriminated. Unfortunately this is an offshoot of the larger caste system prevalent in the country. Caste practices within any religion – Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh must be abolished.


      • then i request that dr.sylvia karpagam fix that first before talking about hindus,the moment u become christian,u would rather talk about it first.


  6. >>>>Caste practices within any religion – Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh must be abolished>>>> yes, I agree with that. Then why are you targeting only the “Hindus”?

    >>>>>Unfortunately this is an offshoot of the larger caste system prevalent in the country>>>> if the so-called egalitarian Religions are also following the caste system, what is the use of such Religions?


  7. Hi, Nice article. There are a lot of brahmins who feel they are superior and have no paralles. They are a sheer waste because they suppor corruption and also follow and practice corruption.


    • You are right Mr. Dennis. Some poor guys even think that the Brahmins have two horns also. The Syrian Christians and GSB (Gaud Saraswat Brahmin) Christians of Konkan look down upon other sects of their Religion. Even the Amul Baby had claimed that he is a Brahmin.


    • Hahaha, people dont need religion to feel superior. Egomaniacs come in different shapes and sizes..stop bashing a particular community if you have no idea about what you are saying.


  8. After reading this article, the writer comes across as immature. Oh! you are a doctor? I understand…caste reservation system in India has created this problems. Now bash the Brahmins and feel happy about it.


  9. when we are to bash hinduism,we opt for ‘casteism’,then we take eg. Of dalit woman and brahmin man,we dont even consider the current happenings in this physical world where dalits are mostly abused by obc’s like jaats,yadavas,kanwariya etc.then only our article can won some awards.


  10. For several centuries, “Brahmins” – the “priestly caste” – were religious and spiritual figures, educators, thinkers and philosophers in India. Among Brahmins gotras are reckoned patrilineally and each gotra takes the name of a famous Rishi (or sage) who was the patrilineal forebearer of that clan.The Brahmins belonging to the same gotra are related to each other patrilineally, and there may be very little else in common between them. According to the Vedic system, a man and a woman belonging to the same gotra are considered to be a brother and sister, so a wedding between a man and a woman belonging to the same gotra (known as sa-gotra) is forbidden as it will cause anomalies in the progeny that come out of such a wedding.. A married woman takes up the gotra of her husband. Ambalavaasi people (living in (by) ambalam or temple – temple inmates) and vishwakarma (acharis) caste people also now claim that they are Brahmins.
    The caste system is an evil introduced by the Brahmins, which have eaten every fabric of the Indian society. It has corroded and corrupted the Indian society to the extent that Non-Brahmins are equally caste conscious as the real Brahmins!
    The Bhagwad Gita states that caste is not a birthright! A Brahmin is one who is educated and knowledgeable of the scriptures and leads a holy life and is not a birthright!. I understand an immigrant’s need to connect to his or her roots. But in western countries Brahmins have their sons go through the sacred thread ceremony and that child grows up to be a meat eater, drinker with no knowledge of the scriptures. What is wrong is that in the age of ‘Kali Yuga’ anyone is claiming Brahmin as a birthright even when they eat meat, indulge in alcohol and live arrogant materialistic lives. Most of the Bengali Brahmins never made any qualms about relishing various fish and chicken delicacies. Most of the Brahmins in North America to celebrate their teenage boys’ sacred thread ceremony which is a coming-of-age ceremony held only for brainwashed impressionable Brahmin boys into thinking within the narrow walls of their caste. Sacred thread ceremony is a ritual for initiating a boy in to the spiritual life and as per vedas, all Hindus (except the shudras) have the right for sacred thread ceremony. For most of the Brahmins in North America caste is an important part of their identity as if it is the 24th pair of chromosomes and wear their Brahmin identity on their lapel. Indians keep on making pathetic efforts to tell the world that they belong to the “Brahmin” – upper caste. There is nothing to be proud about one’s so called upper caste. One contributes nothing to be born in a particular caste. It is a chance occurrence. No human being is born superior. In fact, there is nothing to be proud of a system, which is blatantly discriminatory. The caste system is a very backward culture. Indians not only embrace but also tout their upper caste while living in USA which has fought two civil wars against discrimination. It is a disgrace!



    • Thank you very much for your insight. It is especially interesting that Indians who keep fighting for equal race relationships then go and practice caste. We are also racist in the differential way we treat the black and white Americans.


      • You can’t complain about xenophobia or racism when you’re so xenophobic yourself. Why do you think it’s OK for a dalit to stereotype a certain class of people? Will it be OK if I wrote an article on why dalit people are so violent, why do they feel they are entitled to everything for free, why they are so unsuccessful and uncivilized despite the affirmative action being implemented for decades? We are atheistic Brahmans, we only follow the Hinduism for cultural reasons, that’s all so I wouldn’t mind marrying a civilized dalit woman, and neither will my folks mind me marrying a dalit woman, unfortunately, there aren’t any. (Hey, I can generalize too, you know.) Anyway, let’s focus on your so called article, shall we? That thing that you call an article is nothing but a piece of shit that shows your insecurities surfacing. The truth is that you still feel inferior, stupid, ugly to Brahmans, it’s so pathetic reading that thing; that’s all I have to say about your article. *shakes head*…So, “Dr. (LOL) Sylvia karwhatever”, I guess the affirmative action has worked pretty well for you, hasn’t it?


    • So called dalits and sham doctorates are oozing with contemptuous ignorance and hatred towards higher social classes and higher culture!
      Let me try to expose this flawed reasoning … as concise as possible..
      –No Society, religion or National (US, UK etc ) systems are free of injustice or flawless …which are evolutionary with time!

      –Hindu social categorization is based on Knowledge, merit, talent, skills etc which put some basic eligibility rules requirement like (non materialistic, ascetic, public interest thinking) to filter out unethical or unfit or unsuitable individuals from acquiring high Knowledge and skills who misuse can put whole society in peril ( examples Corruption in India 2G, Coal Scams etc, US Govt. Congress (Mortgage sub prime scams etc) , UK EU Fiscal crisis etc.) —this is what happens when unfit get high knowledge and get into high places

      –Brahmins not mixing with others( Dalits) is not out of discrimination or some other ulterior sinister motives — basic simple incompatible habits like meat eating, unhygienic situations, and to avoid contamination of ascetic living and thought process– prime example is –Brahmins do not even have Enthusiasm or enjoy company of Kings, emperors who offers luxurious facilities to a non materialistic, ascetic brahmins.
      ps: have been living in Boston like a Bostonian Brahmin for over thirty Years with all my family and relatives


      • Dear Brahmandam, your very first sentence “higher social classes and higher culture” shows your mindset. The brahmins are not a higher social class and culture. The other castes have amazing cultural and social practices which you would never acknowledge. Read “Post Hindu India – A discourse on Dalit Bahujan, socio-spiritual and scientific revolution” by Kancha Ilaiah. Read it with genuine introspection.


      • it is funny not to mix with hindu brothers but with cow eaters to whom around 5%most beautiful so called brahmans girls have been married out . none is superior or inferior by birth but deeds make so . jo asal hote hai woh kisi ko gali nahi dete . only mother knows the real father . some times she too not like in case of brahman satyakam jabala . satyakama became brahman whose father name not known to his mother jabala even . sab ka malik ek. all r bros n sis from adi manav made up of 5 tatvas castes r made by cheats n selfish who r benefited by false qualification/support of caste . these cheats further supported caste by laws of dharma/karma. brahman could marry in low caste kshtriy lower caste vaisy lowest caste sudra , kshtriy in lower two n vaisy lower sudra women as their fundamental right forgetting their own woman sex aspect which anulom marriages gave rise to pritilom marriges . anulom high caste man low caste woman marriages were permitted by law/dharma

        while pritilom marriages high caste woman low caste man were not permitted by law/dharma . how long such nonsense of law/dharma can keep their woman hungry of sex ? sudra man married to kshtriya woman out of which issue born wascalled khatri and sudra man married to brahman woman out of which issue born was called candal , dom to called untouchable . a strong/sturdy peasant sonr lohar komr chomr mala saka morya ,jat ahir … so called sudra marrying beautiful brahman woman issue nicely educated can be called as candal , dom is it not mare nonsense ? rishi visvamittar n vasitha jealousy caused later’s all sons killed , however his son sakti’s wife was pregnant whom prasar was born. prasar raped fisher girl whom vyas was born . vyas was biological father of blind dhritrastr n impotent pandu sudra vidur n brahman sukhdev whose guru was akshtriya . every body knows how cheats cleverly fooled the public . during janta party time in anti mandal movement goswamy obc caste boy burnt while in jats beaten sc poor fellows when they were actual beneficiaries . all these activities responsibility lie on those cheats who r benefited by the cancer of caste which compelled conversions to budhism , jainism , christianity , islam ,shikhi n so n . the cheats r least bothered for humanity but own kaddu/puri while abusing some n fooling some the low finds above the lower who too feels above the lowest who further satified being above the untouchable n the cheat still dares asking whether r u …..?


  11. Hello Sister,
    My first confession is that I am a Brahamin . But that does not deny the fact that I hate people who show off that they Are Brahamins .I hate it when people come near me and says that they are also Brahamins just because I have a Tuft!!
    Actually I am more into vedas and Spiritualism .One thing I want to say is that NO WHERE IN THE VEDAS , RIGHT IS GIVEN TO BRAHAMIN / KSHATRIYA / VAISHYA TO INSULT A SHUDRA.and I condemn any act of it

    Well, I believe in Karma because it is logical than the salvation concept in Abrahamic religions (My View)

    To the point:-
    The vedas consider certain qualities in order to be called as a Brahamin which is lacking in the majority of “Naam ke Vaaste Brahamins”.
    It says the following
    1.Follow strict celebacy -But You are more aware of the lust in men’s eyes
    2.Moral Values(Like honesty,politeness….) Which is also lacking
    3.Prohibition of meat, alcohol.
    4.Make some spiritual progress .

    I know a few people who just call them brahamins but have Gf’s , eat NV don’t do prayers…….

    But I feel that you are generalizing a whole community .Do you mean to Say that there is no lust in the eyes of other Men?? I have a huge circle Of Brahamin Friends who are both modern but yet Traditional . The follow the above said rules strictly.And I even have classmates who are Shudras and just go behind Girls. So from My point of View, I can call that Shudras are Black men who always have lust??
    That would mean I am a Racist and uneducated .
    The same Goes with you , sister. Being Educated , you should have thought about this as well
    I do agree that there are many Bad Brahamins out there , but you should also consider the Good Brahamins (Whom I consider as the True brahamins and Abide by the vedas).
    Moreover the real Brahamins have made many contributions to Humanity. The best example in this situation will be the teacher of Dr.Ambedkar . He is an example of the Vedic Brahamin, he helped the poor, needy and under privileged.

    And seeing History , Kshatriyas are also equally to be blamed because they were the rulers and had the Final power of decision in their hands.



  12. Dear Aditya, thank you for sharing your views – much appreciated. You talk about the good and bad about brahmins.

    You are forgetting that there is a a group that is called the untouchables. What is your opinion about this group? Do you think untouchability should exist and it should be practiced. Day in and day out there are serious human rights violations going on in your country in the name of caste. Women are paraded naked and raped by upper caste men for any issue that they feel upset about. As long as there is one caste group that calls itself superior it will consider other caste groups inferior.

    Humans CAN be just, kind and fair – as a community it is important to nurture that value. If brahmins incorporated these three qualities they will see that any form of discrimination is wrong.

    For years, they have prevented people from acquiring education saying that education is a right of the brahmin. Deaths of children is directly attributed to the lack of education of the mother. Do you not think that your community should educate all people whether dalit or non-dalit? Do you give equal opportunities? These are questions that you have to answer for yourself.

    The issue is not about lust and non lust of a brahmin or a non brahmin. The issue is – why will a brahmin sleep with a dalit woman but not marry her? It is an interesting question that you should really think about…………

    Look forward to your thoughts on this.


    • Dear Sister,
      As I said earlier, I started follow our Traditional Culture (Vedas and Upanishads).All the Cast discrimination started during the Puranic period ,But the westerners attribute this to our Vedas.

      There is no place in the Vedas which Advocates Untouchability . And Speaking from a Logical point , The whole concept of this Untouchability is Hollow. The only Logical reason for this practice is that a group of people did physical labour and ate meat and therefore this led to Untouchability .But this very same applies to Brahamins who eat meat as well. So It would be a Hypocritical idea to allow untouchability .
      Moreover this just refers to Physical pureness , but what about the mental Pureness ? The question is do you mean to say all Brahamins have pure thoughts and all shudras Have Filthy thoughts ? Moreover Physical pureness can be attained by having a Bath , but what about the mental Pureness ??

      And Sis you Said
      “Women are paraded naked and raped by upper caste men for any issue that they feel upset about”
      There is an interesting point in the Dharma Shastras (Laws for Hindus).
      It says that an educated person gets more punishment than and uneducated for the same Crime committed.
      This is the best legal logic I have come across my Life. So technically A Brahamin/Kshatrya Should have more punishment than A Shudra.
      If Dharma Shastram is made our Law, We can go back to our ancient Heights

      The Problem with our society as a whole (Be it a Brahamin/Shudra ,a christian/Muslim….) is that there is no morals. This is a very Serious Issue

      Education is the Right of every Individual .I would like to remind two Historical Characters who were Shudras (But turned to Brahamins-Noble ones because of their deed), Without which Hindusim would have not reached this position .
      It is Valmiki(Who was a Hunter) and VEDA VYVAS (Son of a fisher women)
      Now for those Stereotypical Bad brahamins , it would be a ego clash for them to accept the fact that Vedas were compiled by a Shudra .
      Even the vedas in many Instances gives the absolute right to the Individual .

      And My View on the Main Question would be LUST.Anyone who has Lust be it a Brahamin,Kshatrya,Shudra or a Vaishya would do it to any women. And Again here a Bad Brahamin(one who don’t follow our scriptures )should be questioned.

      And most importantly, I will give you a link which leads you to “Position of Shudras In Vedas” which will be an interesting read. You can use it as a weapon against any Brahamin who has ego and Head Weight.

      I believe that if we go back to where we started, we would reach our ancient heights .It is interesting to note that the Vedic period was the best period in Indian History.

      Satyameva Jayate


      • I think you are wrong…Ved Vyas was not a shudra…..his father was a brahmin…his mother was a fisherwoman ..this is anulom marriage….Ved Vyas still belonged to the Brahmin Caste…I do believe that no man should ever sleep with any woman before marriage….i hate discrimination…but in case of marriage one should marry in his own caste so that the inherent characteristics of that caste are preserved….


    • “”””””You are forgetting that there is a a group that is called the untouchables. What is your opinion about this group? Do you think untouchability should exist and it should be practiced. Day in and day out there are serious human rights violations going on in your country in the name of caste. Women are paraded naked and raped by upper caste men for any issue that they feel upset about. As long as there is one caste group that calls itself superior it will consider other caste groups inferior.””””””””” this shows our INDIAN PENAL CODE IS NOT Working no one following, according to u all rape,crimes done by upper caste. why u want to jump in history which we can’t change but surely we can change present and future and we should fight for future no what happened in past a history always mistery. i am brahmin but my room met is sc,lingayat,reddy,shetter we all stay in one roof we didn’t find any problem with us because we understood each other and we have food in one plate which u cannot accept this is truth this is true i can give my oersonal pone and my friends if u fell it is dramatised


    • please check this “””””sarvejana sukhino bhavantu””””””” if he is brahmin then he should tell before having food and after prayer so what about now?????


    • Mam I dnt understand why u r blaming bramhins only…castes are not created by brahmins bt group of ppl in vedic period for their convenience…today power is with kshatriyas…obcs and Scs only… secondly in honour killing also ppl who do such crimes are kshatriyas n obcs nowhere u will find brahmin kill smbdy honour!!!so stop abusing brahmins n think rationally…it is today’s fation tat if caste topic comes blame brahmins…useless and humours article!!!


  13. A very foolish article. You can probably generalise that Jihadis love war and hate non-muslims in general — without having gone through personal experiences. But to use your own personal experiences to paint a whole community speaks of your own inadequate reasoning skills. How can you or that nutcase Kanchi Ilaiah claim to understand the Brahmins or speak for them? Most Brahmins I know have no time for olive skinned non-brahmin women or even for their own wives, desire notwithstanding. The mindset of a Brahmin is not cast in a mould that you should write such an article. As far as Brahmin women are concerned, which Brahmin woman are you talking about? Indira Gandhi who married a mixed identity? Indira Nooyi who married perhaps a brahmin, perhaps not??? Some who never married at all? Crazy, I say.

    It is better you acknowledge what your own issues are with your personal experiences with Brahmins to handle the ghosts that haunt you. Surely you haven’t been able to pin the devil down. I am sure you will get some pats on the back for having written this, as no doubt it will resonate with a few people. But lets not pretend this article is evidence of anything. If anything it proves that there are people who find something wrong with the Brahmin community — just as everyone finds something wrong with everyone else. On all other parameters, the quality is just trite.


  14. I stumbled upon your blog today. I don’t usually comment on personal blogs, but felt the need to do so here. I was astonished by your gross generalization and stereotyping. Some of your statements suggest that your perspective is based on personal experiences you may have had. Painting ALL males and females of a group (race, religion, ethnicity, caste etc.) with the same broad brush and attributing the same traits and behaviours to all of them is preposterous. I realize a personal blog is not the place for scientific rigor, but for someone claiming to be against discrimination you are doing damage to your cause by stereotyping. Stereotyping is discrimination. It is like saying “all muslims are terrorists.” That is blatantly untrue. I am a social scientist. I left India 28 years ago, have traveled extensively and deal with hundreds of students from diverse racial/ethnic/economic backgrounds each year. You pick your race, religion, ethnicity or caste and you will find good/bad people, hardworking/lazy people, honest/dishonest
    people, compassionate/hateful people and so on. No single group is all good or all bad. In fact, I have met many people who have a lot of good in them, but do exhibit some bad traits sometimes.

    If you stop stereotyping based on your own biases or personal experiences (which is hardly an adequate sample size), then you can turn this into an intelligent conversation about caste, religion and other issues facing India. But if all you want is to promote some agenda, that’s a shame. May I suggest that you read Whistling Vivaldi (by Claude Steele)?


  15. Dear Ram,
    Glad to know that you are social scientist. Just as you ask me what the evidence for my statement is, I can ask you in return “What is your evidence to prove that my statement is not true?” Since you are a social scientist, my request to you is to have a rigorous sociological study to either prove or disprove my hypothesis.
    The questions one could ask in this kind of study would be
    A. For Brahmin males
    – Would you sleep with a dalit woman?
    – If, yes, would you marry her?
    (if the answer to the first is yes, and to the second is no – then that proves my point. One could then go deeper to understand the logic behind this) Mind you Ram, this has a lot to do with one’s mental make-up and the value one places on women and how we categorise those who are marriage worthy and those who are not.
    B. For Brahmin females
    – Would you prefer being subordinate to your husband or subordinate to a dalit?
    – If you fought for rights, would you fight for a dalit female to have the same rights as a Brahmin male?
    Ram I don’t think the other two questions would bother you so for the current study you could focus on A and B.
    If your study disproves my hypothesis, then I will take it off the blog. But you need to be really honest about wanting to get to the truth.


    • I I would not sleep with a Dalit Woman and if i do,then her being a dalit wont be a reason for not marrying her,there could be other reasons too,just saying.


    • their is no perfection in world then how can u justify with some incidents that brahamins are worst than any other caste if want examples we have a lot most of terrorrist are from muslims then u consider an islam an dangerous religion
      2]dowry happens in all castes then all cate are cruels
      3] sex if dalit had sex with a brahmin girl and refuses because of family pressure then wvery dalit community is cruel????????????
      mistakes happens in all community and all castes by all peoples their is no perfection in world
      INDIA has 120 crore and growing population but the population of brahmins is just 5 to 10 % r u worried for that
      hard work is key for success not caste if brahmin did not study he will not pass in exam because name is covered only reg no is their at that time so don’t divide people based on caste as politicians do for their benefits that s why”””””””””””””””””””””””” I ALWAYS SUPPORT RESERVATION BASED ON ECONOMY IN GOOD FOR NATION WHICH UNITES PEOPLE AND ALL COME IN ONE UMBRELLA”””””””””””””””””””””””””””


    • one thing u r a sick minded female this is 21 century and all reservation is favor of minorities even law and ipc’s. In India if wnat publicity then scould brahmins u will get a lot supports from dick head people who don’t want to do hard work or compitate or create opportunists


      • Hey you 60 IQ primitive creature tell your men to stick with their own women,don’t come close on Aryan Brahmin because none of us go for any of your so called Dalit women.


    • What is your evidence to prove that my statement is not true?

      Sweetheart, if you make a bold claim, the burden of proof lies with you. Now go and prove that the sun is not blue with green stripes and there are no yellow elephants floating around your head.

      A. For Brahmin males
      – Would you sleep with a dalit woman?
      – If, yes, would you marry her?

      You’ve heard of casual sex, right? Or is it inconceivable to you that neither party need be interested in marriage? What if the Dalit woman isn’t interested in marriage herself?
      And what do you mean by ‘a dalit woman’? According to you do Brahmins go cruising the streets looking to get laid with hot Dalit chicks?
      “Hey baby, are you a Dalit? Great! Let’s do it!”

      …this has a lot to do with one’s mental make-up and the value one places on women and how we categorise those who are marriage worthy and those who are not.

      And how exactly is this phenomenon exclusive to Brahmins as you’re implying?


    • Re: “What is your evidence to prove that my statement is not true?”

      Your readers don’t need to prove or disprove anything. The onus is on you to prove your assertions. Looks like you are a “Dr.” so you should be familiar with the scientific method.


  16. You sound like a deeply disturbed individual. how can you paint an entire community in such hateful terms? After 1000 years of doom, India is on the rise. We finally have a chance to make our nation better. Your post seems calculated to only increase caste divide. Please stop this kind of hate speech.

    Btw, I am a male born in a Brahmin family. I refuse to wear the so called sacred thread and I despise caste divide. But hate speech like yours hurts Dalits, hurts Brahmins and hurts the country. Please stop.


    • Ok! Bro, Assuming you are Logical and Scientific and oppose the cast system, I would like to share a few words with you and ask you few questions.
      1)The vedas in no place mentions birth based cast system. The “Brahmins” of the present are the descendent’s of the saptha Rishi’s .And my lineage is direct from Rishi Athreya(Atri)
      2)I consider the cast system as a Mere Social system WHICH IS BASED ON KARMA.
      3)Vedas are the most Scientific and Logical text I have ever come across.
      4)I am an Orthodox Brahamin . I have a vedic concept of Thinking. i.e I reject anything which is unscientific or illogical which includes the Hindu Mythology (Not the epics-I consider them as historic events) and I reject Quran and Bible for their over Fantasy .
      I just request you to go through the Logic thinking and science in Vedas.You will be even more proud of our culture.

      My personal Advice is that you should do sandhyavandhanam . It is scientific .It improved my Concentration .


      • “my lineage is direct from Rishi Athreya(Atri)”
        Atri is a prajapati, one of Five Tribes of Aryan descent. Atri is responsible for the sun from being eclipsed by Demon Svarbanu or the Rahu of post-vedic mythology. The sun is in the sky because of Atri, who is one of the Seven Seers. He was thrown into fire by the indegenes and saved by Asvins. He is one of the mind-born sons of Brahma.
        Brahma lives 311.04 trillion (earth) years. My understanding is that Brahma is past his middle age now–155.02 trillion years plus. Sun was formed 10 billion years ago; it is middle-aged now. Earth was formed 4.54 billion years ago. It appears Brahma is much older than the sun and the earth. He is the Creator, so He must be that old. It is asserted that Saptarishis, and their progeny to this day claim an unbroken lineage from Brahma going back millions, billions, or zillions of years before the sun was formed. Brahma’s whole life time has 504,000 Manvantras. Life on earth, according to present science, appeared on its surface within one billion years after its formation 4.54 billion years ago.
        Brahma’s sons in each Manvantara were the Saptarishis, to whom the twice-born trace their heredity or Y-Chromosome lineage and linkage. In other words, in one Brahma’s day, Brahma creates 14 sets of Sapta Rishis, one set every 308.57 million years. Thus, the twice-born can trace their origin back to 308 million years backwards. Humans branched off from Chimps only 5-7 million years ago.
        A short history of humanity. A portion of this is from Wikipedia.
        The genus Homo diverged some 2.3-2.4 million years ago in Africa from Australopithecines. Scientists have estimated that humans branched off from their common ancestor with chimpanzees about 5–7 million years ago. Archaic Homo sapiens, the forerunner of anatomically modern humans, evolved between 400,000 and 250,000 years ago. Homo sapiens arose in Africa and migrated out of the continent some 50,000 to 100,000 years ago. Modern Indians (both Indo-Aryan and Dravidian groups) are a hybrid population descending from two pre-historic, genetically divergent populations, one of which, referred to as the ‘Ancestral North Indians’, 40,000 years ago and the other, called the Ancestral South Indians’, 60,000 years ago. The intermingling of ANI’s and ASI’s happened in the same period as the ANI’s first appeared, 40,000 years ago.
        Anatomically modern humans evolved from archaic Homo sapiens in the Middle Paleolithic, about 200,000 years ago. The emergence of anatomically modern human marks the dawn of the subspecies Homo sapiens sapiens, i.e. the subspecies of Homo sapiens that includes all modern humans. The oldest fossil remains of anatomically modern humans are the Omo remains, which date to 196,000 years and include two partial skulls as well as arm, leg, foot and pelvis bones.[1]
        Other fossils include Homo sapiens idaltu from Herto in Ethiopia that are 150,000 years old and remains from Skhul in Israel that are 90,000 years old.[citation needed] Wikipedia

        Comment by Veeraswamy Krishnaraj.
        Now that we the modern people live on this planet only for about 200,000 years, the Dravidians came to India 60,000 years ago and the Indo-Aryans came into India 40 thousand years ago, there is a problem reconciling ourselves to origin of Saptarishis millions, (billions or trillions) of years ago giving rise to progeny bearing their patronymic Gotras.


      • Mr Aditya,
        \ \ aap koi bhi kam kar sakte hi per usse appki jatti change nahi hoti hi brother. dharm parivathan ho sakta hi , jatti parivarthan kabhi nahi .. AAp guna or karma ki batta ke adhar per verno ka dicision kar hi nahi sakte . kis gun or kis karm ko kis verna me daloge ,who bhi ham bataio? iam fasihon digener then my verna is what? i am engg then my verna is what? i am doctor then my verna is what? in morning my work is differnent and evening time different then my verna is what? my karma is different or guna is different then my verna is what? this totally a foolish things . jatti janam se aati hi,howerver it’s not based on higher or lower . i am brahamin but working in army tu kya me rajaput ho gya ,,, ha,,,haha foolish post.


  17. Your article is illuminating. There are the welcome liberal Brahmins on one side and atavistic Brahmins claiming affiliation with (1) Spurious High Vaidik gotra, (2) pravaras (3) sutra (of Kalpa), (4) shakha. Bombay High court threw out a case of a Brahmin claiming a snobbish, pompous, highfaluting, superior-than-thou flamboyant Gotra, whereby he diminished everyone around.
    Here is an article: AND COLOR.htm
    Feb 4, 2013


    • Thank you so much for sharing this sensible piece of writing. Unfortunately the link isnt opening for some reason. Could you check??


    • Dear Brother,

      First of All, there is no Such thing known as the Aryan Invasion. It was the Idea of Maxmuller , a German to introduce it so as to break the backbone of our country.
      One example, the vedas speak about River Saraswathi, which dried around 1900 BC .If Aryan invasion was around 1500Bc, how could they have recorded the existence of River saraswathi ?

      And About the Calculation of Time.
      There is a lot of suspicion that the calculations in Puranas , refer to the Human years and Not the Deva Years.
      Again, I don’t trust the Puranas because they are the works of Humans and not Like vedas. i.e they are Smriti .The Manu Smriti,Ramayana and the Mahabaratha HAVE A LOT OF INTERPOLATIONS and therefore cannot be considered as AUTHENTIC sources.
      For Eg. The Garuda Purana says the various punishments in Hell, but in the vedas, there is no Physical hell or heaven.

      And again, the Saptha Rishis vary from one manvantra to another .
      We are Living in the Vaivasvata Manu
      So technically speaking this is Possible.

      And personally I feel, Though the Saptha Rishis were great, their descendants Still Live under their Glory, which I am Against.

      Hope You get my Point


  18. MAHABHARATA, BOOK 03: VANA PARVA, Section 199: The Brahmanas are even like blazing fires. They incur no fault in consequence of teaching, of officiating at sacrifices, and of accepting gifts from others. Whether the Brahmana be cognisant of the Vedas or ignorant of them, whether they be pure or impure, they should never be insulted, for Brahmanas are like fires. As the fire that blazeth up in the place set apart for the cremation of the dead is never regarded impure on that account, so the Brahmana, be he learned or ignorant, is always pure. He is great and a very god! – Dr. Sylvia please be aware of this fact. This is what is thought for centuries together to Indian people and they cannot come out of this.
    I started reading Mahabharata (off course the translations available in the net) but after reading few books, even though it was our History, it pinched me that the buried intention of the whole book is to emphasis and make sure that Brahmanas were the only elite people to walk on the Earth, and in no circumstance they should be have bad times in life, but doubt whether it was the original intention of the original author. They use God, Death, Curse, Wealth, rebirth to threaten every other brethren who were ignorant about these then.
    But when our Brethren became aware and tried to change this, they used force to eradicate them and succeeded. The remnant people were those who accepted the Brahmin supremacy and the opposed people who were enslaved and who could not rise once again, against the oppression. If what I wrote is not true, India would have been a Buddhist country, the path which was followed for more than 1000 years in our history but not now, yet our neighboring countries, are still Buddhists.
    They felt the heat of education in the past that is why they banished it to the others,but now they are again starting to feel the heat.
    Keep Going…


    • If India became a buddhist country,it would have become eventually a christian/muslim country by now,buddhists are the reason why Raja Dahir lost to Muhammad Bin Qasim in Sindh.More of them would have finished us long ago.


      • What bullshit. Dahir was a Hindu, not a Buddhist. Blame weak Hindu rulers like him and bleeding heart idiots like Prithviraj Chauhan who spared the temple destroyer Ghazni only to himself be executed later when he lost and was captured. Buddhism had waned by the time the Muslim invaders reached Sindh.


  19. A caste inevitably formulates opinions about other castes with whom they have to interact. These generalized views which are not necessarily true, would help them deal with others. Until recently we have heard generalizations made by higher castes about low castes and assumed them to be true. The tables have now turned. It is their turn. Dalit groups speak out. They tell us what they think about Brahmins and other higher castes. Let’s listen and reflect .


  20. China is planning to invade india. both pakistan and srilanka are their close friends. In case, we while away our precious time like this, we may cut very sorry figures. Let us think about national integrity, communal harmony and economic super power. Of course, I am a brahmin


  21. I cannot understand the reason of caste system nor I want to. As far as I have learnt reading spiritual books : ‘ A human being comes on earth. Why does he come? because it separated from Parmatma. His ultimate goal is to get enlighted. Someone who gets this is called brahmin’…… So should a person who has realized his ultimation is called brahmin ? .. I don’t know….

    by hearing religious TV channels of most religion’s speaker I have seen to indicate them ‘THAT ONE GOAL’. Get enlighted. And we hardly talk about Enlighting and getting moksha….


  22. Hidden Secret of India Poverty with English Subtitles
    Sir/Mam,copy following with quotes & paste in Youtube
    “Unreported India – Broken People” 3 VIDS
    “India Untouched – Darker side of India ” 4 VIDS India’s hidden secret for centuries. “Untouchability – Dignity for All “.
    It took 4 Years to shoot and 25000 km Journey to Complete the Mission of finding TRUTH.


  23. Dear Author of this very Biased Blog. First of all i must admit i am a Brahmin, secondly that i am a castist. BUT, Not for the reasons you mention. For most of my life i have been a very secular & non castist of a person. But what pissed me off lately is the contempt and hatred for Bramins the so called Dalits are filled with. You Cite ancient cultural reasons for Bramins hating Dalits but dear lady . . . i take my disdain from very recent Discrimination against Brahmins. Reservations & quotas for you lot being an example. If we deem Dalits untouchable and do not marry them does it kill the lot? where as the Reservations for Dalits does kill and spoil the futures of so many of Brahmin Youth.

    Your very Naive assessment of the ‘problem’ raises further questions about your aptitude. We Brahmins do not want to marry a Dalit or may even want to, it’s our personal issue but when a Dalit, SC or ST Girl’s parents do not want their girl to be married to a Brahmin because her would be children be then deprived of Reservation Perks is tard Racist and utterly Evil dont you think? I can cite example of it but dont want to.

    A lot of my Brahmin friends have given excellent replies to your biased blog and left me with nothing to say further. You are not helping Lady, seriously you are not. Quit writing and concentrate on some constructive work instead.

    In The Present INDIA, If there is a community that needs to be Pissed off, feel cheated & discriminated it is Rather the Brahmins not Dalits. You guys have opportunities infront of you, go grab them . . . or do you still wanna be stuck at “whether we marry you lot or eat at your homes?”

    And also, You cited Us Brahmins being desperate for Western women’s Approval i guess? how do you explain the very growing craze amongst Dalit youth to marry a Beautiful Brahmin Girl? I would not say much, rather give the same reason in this case as you did in Brahmin-Western Women’s Case. Just type “Brahmin Girl For Dalit man” on google and Enjoy the Horney Trolls of your Community. Enough Said.



      Know the unpublished TRUTH of India
      copy following with quotes & paste in Youtube
      “Unreported India – Broken People” 3 videos
      “India Untouched – Darker side of India ” 4 videos India’s hidden secret for centuries. “Untouchability – Dignity for All “.
      It took 4 Years to shoot and 25000 km Journey to Complete the Mission of finding TRUTH.
      Type in google khairlanji massacre


  24. all those brahmins who are bombarding the author saying that its generalisation n bla bla bla….think for a while wht the hell have u contributed to the sociey inorder to bring social change.all u knw is to say that i am an athri, athreya, viswa brahmin n wht not.all of u who speak abt reservation in india have you ever given a thought about all the brutal caste atrocities in india like kairlanji, karamchedu, kambalapalli and many more. they are people saying i am a brahmin and i am castiest then the author has every right to criticise your selfish behaviour. all those brahmins who have commented here are some or the other way trying to maintain their caste superiority and domianation over the other marginalised communities which they hve been doing since centuries. articles like this are threat to ur community and will surely break the castiest domiantion of brahmins in india.


    • anu
      you talk about khairlanji,karamchedu etc,but you dont realize that this civilization is milleniums old.Brahmins have done so much,that u talk about a realm of 50 years and conclude so much in no time.

      what brutal caste atrocities are u talking about,by the time of muslim invasions/british time,brahmins no longer were the advisors of the kings as there were no independent kings in existence,nobody is a marginalized community here and even the dalits are not,The dalits are bakcward,they didn;t have education and many of the teachers in government schools and colleges,administrative officials in government offices etc were all brahmins.

      u may be a brahmin by birth but nothing more than that and by your lack of factual knowledge and inherent stupidity,u certainly dont do justice to your genes.

      As a brahmin,i know the pros and cons of the culture and i love being born as one regardless of what otehrs think,if you dont,then good for you,we r also more than happy to say good riddance.


  25. this article is extremely insightful with regard to the discrimination faced by dalits and especially dalit women. reading this piece i felt the thoughts and experiences you have gone through. just because someone dint come across such incidents doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take place.this piece speaks about power structures especially among caste and how it operates when it comes to a dalit woman.its important to know the experiences of educated dalit woman who have struggled to reach the mainstream like any other women belonging to privileged sections.
    keep up your constructive work…
    more power to you !


  26. subramanium
    u brahmins have monopolised evrything on this earth.u have no rights to speak about justice while you hve kept a whole lot outside mainstream.its is because of you brahmins that caste system orginated. you have exploited people for centuries.shame on you.go and read something about all those atrocities which have taken place against dalits committed by you brahmins. dalits had no education that is brahmins were stooges, self interested. go read some history and then comment. u r right you brahmins have done so much that the backward caste are still not able to create gettos in this society, you dominate on vulnerable communities, you maintain hierarchy and what the hell are you speaking factual knowledge.instead of replying on my comment go n reply and groom all those fellow brahmins who are publicly saying that they are castiests. and when u say that u r castiests we have rights to criticize the disgusting ideology that you people have been professing from centuries.


    • anu

      i wish you can spell my name correctly and i dont figure anywhere in the periodic table.
      please dont flash your ignorance here,dalits were supposed to be pre buddhists and they were not killed after the fights which means that they were mere opportunistic people who tried to take advantage of political power.

      They had their own atheistic cult called sankhyam which they have not preserved or have any idea about.I dont know if you have ever lived in a village or have any links to one,i have lived in one and most of the tillers of our land were a dalit caste called pallar/mallar,we sold our lands to the same guys and even today u can go ask them about how my grandad and father treated them,infact we favoured them in giving land lease over a backward caste like maravar who ill treat them to no end.

      Brahmins even today help the backward caste in education even after so much hatred and reservation,brahmins are secure and they are the original source of knowledge and wisdom,they dont care about silly political opinion games played around here.

      The so called backward caste have all the political power/business/money and not the brahmins.

      Brahmins have been important to the society since the time of the sages and drona/parashurama and so on and you talk like you went back in time in a time machine and saw things for yourself.

      Hierarchy is important,scholars and philosophers have to rule the country and people without brains have to serve,thats logic.

      Thats why the country suffers now as the people in power have no integrity and also no shame in flashing that in front of others.Thats what you should be worried about and please get in touch with reality,mere reading prejudiced literature with conversion agendas wont help you get far.

      You have a right to criticize me and i have no issues with that but if your conclusions are based on blatant lies,forged revisionist history and a generally prejudiced mind,i have no choice but to point that out.


      • subrmanian
        oh now i get you are tamil brahmin. anyways not all dalits were buddhists and history differs from state to state in india you better remember that. i am not flashing ignorance but its you who is flashing your brahminical dominance. brahmins have helped dalits in education…what a joke! you people have always monopolized knowledge and have never let anyone else occupy it. you speak about the backward classes i agree they have had equal share in exploiting dalits.but mind you you were all together. a landlord in a village always had brahmin shastri behind him.if ur grandad or greatgrand dad did something and if you were so concerned about that you wouldnt have come here putting up such disgusting comments instead you would have supported the author.

        someone like you who says that hierarchy is important dont deserve to be a human being. go and check the castes of the people who have and are heading the most important positions in this country, its all you brahmins who have no intergrity and thatwhy this country is suffering.
        do you even know about me i work on field i mean what i say.i just dont rely on worms like you who memorise mantras and blabar must get worried. o and look at your own state every day there are atrocities against dalits. did you ever make an attempt to be a part of all those events supporting dalits?

        by saying brahmins are imporatnt to the society people like you are strengthening caste system.i think without brahmins this country will prevail in is beacuse people like you TamilNadu has witnessed selfrespect movemnet. brahmins are original source of knowledege is it? you people were and are source of inequality, exploitation, discrimination. its because of you brahmins that texts like manusmriti are endorsed. you people cant go beyond reservation isnt it?india is not the only country to have reservation.go and read something or maybe a dalit can bestow you with some knowledge on affirmative action.

        a person like you who believes in hierarchy and not equality doesnt deserve to live.people like you are curse to this society.


  27. subramanium

    what do u mean by you talk about kairlanji and you even know how brutal these atrocities were? how many of you brahmins came in public and spoke against these atrocities? now that someone writes an article and the whole brahmin brigade is here to attack her. the very comments of brahmins on this article show how demeaning you people are.


    • I know about both those massacres and i also have real time account of many such riots in TamilNadu.My granduncle was in the police force and has handled such things.From what i know,there are cunning people in all castes and there is social order in the villages,if a dalit guy tries to woo an upper caste girl,violence is the solution.

      why should a brahmin come and speak out against these things? The OBC Landlords/Zamindars have long stopped taking counsel from the brahmins and in Today’s India Brahmins are the Jews,they are the most hated minority,so the oppressed people who have no need for a brahmin’s wisdom can sort out their own problems.

      Please stop blaming the brahmins for bad blood between OBCs and Dalits,everyone has their own brain and can think/not and make decisions.

      I am not attacking sylvia here and merely pointing out flaws in her arguments and a prejudice which comes from not having an open and independent mind and there is no brahmin brigade and never will be,brahmins are independent creatures and follow their own mind.


      • its not about knowing massacres its about supporting the cause, its about feeling for the victims and being in solidarity with them and none of you brahmins have done that so far. i come from a family where every second person is from bureaucracy and all of them have handled similar cases. they have also experienced how brahmins have always been bias to dalits. if brahmins shouldnt speak on atrocities on dalits according to you then you shouldnt even speak about such articles. i am not a dalit but i accept that dalits have been victims since centuries because of all the touchable castes and their superiority feeling. in order to make this country a better place to live in we should accept the truth and people like you should mend your superior attitude. instead of adoring that brahmins are this and that first go and teach your brahmin brigade who are oozing out with superiority to behave normally and especially behave like a human.


      • i agree people have to make peace with the dalits but if the dalits merely try to use their current constitutional privileges and try to take revenge,it ll be a full blown war and the dalits ll suffer.

        Basically,the forces which say they fight for dalits like you guys,communists,conversion agents,paedophile padres etc do not genuinely want the society to be at peace.

        The reservation and the dalit atrocities act is a highly misused act and if the administration,especially dalit buereaucrats try to sue their power and get their way around,they ll face the music of the other castes.Soul searching should come from all parties and the fact that the anti brahmin sentiment has now become an anti dalit sentiment,explicitly,it says that the dalits or again the so called leaders of dalits dont seem to have the personality/character to handle power.

        Anwyay,this is beyond the level of understanding of fanboys/girls like you.I am not saying the brahmins shouldn’t talk about these massacres,am saying the brahmins cant do anything about these massacres,it is a personal issue between the two communities living there.trying to blame people who lived 5000 years ago,just shifts the blame from someone who is not around anymore.

        and i dont believe in these protest marches and naive conclusion of historical facts,world is way more complicated and sinister than that.

        There is some bad blood between many other communities of equal standing and they seem to be at peace,except the dalits who have all the privileges now,so they should try to earn the respect of the other 80%.


  28. you Brahmins have done so much that even countries like UK are fed up with all the nuisance you have created migrating there. communities like yours have forced UK government to pass laws against caste discrimination “equality law”. shove you agrahara attitude and get a life…..


    • samprith,who are you man?

      brahmins and other such hindus are the best amongst immigrated populations in the UK,they have won nobel prizes,been great doctors and what not?

      where do u get such random info from?


    • The very fact that you started out by saying “you brahmins have…..” tells me everything I need to know about you. It’s scum like you that the UK government made the law for. How many brahmins here have started their point by bashing a community the way you have? Before bashing on us, get your own story straight, you douchebag. I’m disgusted at your hypocrisy.


  29. there is this dumb headed fellow who asks the writer to quit writing…who the hell are you man to ask her quit.u quit this country and it will be a better place to live in. go and think beyond reservation you morons. you ignorant fools reservation is not only in india it is also in US…do you have to say something? someone speaks that dalit boys are behind brahmin girls.. ha ha ha ha what a joke. brahmin girls are all very clever they have all married rich dalit boys who are IAS, IPS, ministers. when it come to power and money you brahmins suddenly become secular isnt it? even before saying that this article will not help..what kind of help have you provided to downtrodden castes. mind you there are lot of dalits to give replies for you sick comments.


    • what reservation is there in the USA,can you tell me more.I dont know which brahmin girls you are talking about,when brahmins were being respected in India,lot of people jumped on the ship craving for respect/power,those are the type of families i see now who change their affiliations in no time.Dalit IAS officer,i would respect Quota guys in IIT/IIM but Dalit bureaucrats must be amongst the worst of the lot,girls who fall for them,even a whore has more honour than them.

      Brahmins were the teachers/bureaucrats in most schools in tamilnadu till the 1980s and most people who are doing well in life today studied in those schools and benefitted from such teachers,thats one contribution.

      Brahmins taught the world frugality,conscientiousness,integrity,self less behaviour and so on……and who is scared of any replies?

      I can point out the ignorance of most of you in no time.


      • hey you go and google you might get some knowledge. you are a castiest and a moron who belives in caste and hierarchy. now i get you where this sickness comes from. do you even know how are brahmin bureaucrats?go and read some literature where you brahmins have themselves criticised your brahminical idelogy. a person like you who would abuse woman just because she married a dalit shows your sick menatlity. come out of your brahmin obsession man or you will have to be taken to assylum. brahmins have taught nothing at all. you people have taught untouchability, castiesm and what not. you people havent done anything constructive. someone like you who doesnt know about the affirmative action in US shows how ignorant and birdbrained you will die of jealousy one day.your comments shows the kind of hatred you have for the people belonging to certain castes. brahminism down down !


      • I am not against any criticism from anyone about brahmin/perceived brahmin literature,let brahmins/anyone criticize it,disown it,it is their choice,i am frankly not bothered.

        I know brahmin bureaucrats in my family/extended family and they are all awesome people.My taluk in tirunelveli district is famous for freedom fighters/bureaucrats etc,so i have seen enough good people to have a good opinion and am not saying all of them are good,you are saying the whole philosophy is bad.

        Generalizations keep happening all over the time,ll continue to happen,we cannot not judge/perceive things based on our experience and wisdom,it is just normal human nature and caste is one of them.

        If you want to give the benefit of the doubt to someone all the time,it is your choice,but let me make my decisions msyelf.


      • and i do know about US affirmative action but it is not a fraud like our reservation system,where they let the kids rot in bad schools for 14 years and then help the opportunistic kids and fake caste certificate holders.


      • and please dont do your 16 year old school girl over srk level fanboyism,like i said,we are secure people and we dont die to get patents/recognition for what we did,we know very well who we are and how good/bad we have done.


      • hey subbu you know what stop being venomous. you are such a disgusting man that who abuse woman for choosing their life partner from an other community. its their choice, choice to live with whom they want to. why dont you go public with these comments who have made about women here. i bet you you will be charged by you own community people the so called brahmins and brahmin women will kick your ass off. you male chauvinist brute.


      • parishudh,

        I am subramanian and not subbu,so you can call me that.

        Secondly,in many OBC castes,when a girl does something like this,she faces death or her husband faces death.

        I m not going and interfering with the girl’s lifestyle here,first thing am just giving my opinion of what i feel about general quota people marrying any quota person.

        secondly,the girl was raised by a general quota father who fought discrimination to raise this girl,second this girl has rights over the property of a general quota grandfather who again had to fight discrimination to get this wealth.

        Let the girl give up all this,in my family all my cousins barring one married general quota people and the exception was ex communicated,we dont go and kill the girls/their husbands but please dont associate them with us.


  30. Dear Subramanian,
    Unless you bring in words like equality, justice, fairness and human rights into your thoughts and vocabulary, you are unlikely to understand. You claim to be a clever person. Read…change the lens with which you see the world. Look at how unjust and unequal our country is. Look at life from the lens of a dalit person. It will make you more understanding, kinder, generous. These are all beautiful qualities to possess. They dont make you weaker – just nicer.


    • I have been following this blog for a quiet a long time and I thought this is a correct time to intervene .
      You said ” Look at life from the lens of a dalit person”
      well, I say , look it from the shoes of a Brahamin .

      Like, What the hell did the current generation of the Brahamins do to the Dalits? Do we ever poke our nose into your business ?
      I will like to talk from a Brahamin’s perspective on the Dalits.
      I would say that Dalits are Violent (Stereotyping like you) considering the fact that The Maoists consists of Dalits and Adivasis, would you agree?
      I mean , your logic is correct if you accept my above statement.
      It is just your personal view/experience that Brahamins have lust for dalit women.

      In my experience ,I have noticed that a majority of Dalit men have lust for all kind of women, but the majority brahamin guys concentrate on education and career .If you don’t accept my experience ,you can’t claim your experience to be a common phenomenon and apologies to the people whom you have hurt, for the no mistake they have committed

      Another point of Brahamins is . after 65 yrs of independence (that is 2 generations) ,still they don’t have the equal opportunity .We are still subdued by the reservations and Quota . I mean, if your intention is equality, why don’t you give reservations to people whose parents are uneducated instead of making it caste based. One of my close friend is a Dalit, whose dad is a Chartered Accountant and mother is a Doc. I am not a nerd, but start studying a week before the exam, but he coolly goes without studying .When I asked him, he said the he would get college seat anyways since he is a Dalit. I was shocked! He having no qualification for the course, gets it for the sole fact that he is a Dalit.
      On the contrary, I know many poor Brahamins (who come home for rituals) who barely earn to make their ends meet. Their Children suffer because of reservation. But the best part here is that they Excel in spite of the fact that they are extremely poor and have reservations . They get into the NIT’s and IIT’s .But not all poor Brahamins are that Lucky.

      We are victimized for no mistake of ours. Going by your logic,
      ->we should condemn the present Muslims, since their ancestors invaded us (exempt the forced converts)
      ->We should condemn England ,since they plundered us.

      Just because Brahamins who are silent by nature exist, you can’t victimize us. In fact considering the hypothesis that Brahamins denied Dalits education (Though Valmiki was a hunter and Ved Vyasa was born to a fisher women) the Muslims and Brits killed the dalits and made them live in poverty.

      What is more important Life and food or Education ?

      I have many proofs that Brahamins did not subdue the dalits (Though a FEW did, but not the entire community)

      So what do you say now?
      If you still hate brahamis, why don’t you hate Muslims and British?
      what did the current generation of Brahamins do to the dalits?

      If people start hating and reminding the History, and victimize the current generation,

      Christians should Hate the Jews
      Allied powers should hate Germany
      Japan should Hate USA.
      The blacks should hate the Whites.

      Your Logic is Hollow and your attitude is biased. You seem to have a premature assumption that Brahamins means evil.


    • with respect,
      I dont mean bad to anyone.I want everyone to get minimum means of livelihood and equal oppurtunity to better themselves but i find the accusations and imaginations here without any basis.I personally dont discriminate on any basis,especially if given responsibility for public good and certainly not against the dalits,but all those people who hate brahmins should realise that brahmins discriminate/think of anyone who is a not a brahmin as different but they are not people who are hell bent on exploiting/squandering wealth.


    • Sylvia

      You are trying to make it a dalit versus brahmins thing which is the biggest fallacy and thus you exclude up to 75% of the rest who are the real portagonists in the game.

      i dont want a sincere,good person regardeless of which caste he is from to suffer injustice,thats all.

      Otherwise,Dalits get enough opportunity to get better.


    • Well said. But please practice what you preach. Don’t assume a priori that everyone you’re dealing with hilds certain views.


  31. hey subbu fake caste certificates are held by non dalits or for that matter even brahmins. someone like you who dint even know till date about the reservations in US dont make an attempt even compare it. all i can say is go read something and the way South Africa has also something called reservation… 🙂


    • parishudh(what an ironical name)

      I dont know any of my family/ tam brahms owning fake caste certificates and i dont respect people stealing the rights of actual poor dalit people,thats as bad as a rich dalit taking reservations.

      The fact that fake caste certificates exist prove that indian reservation scheme is a huge scam and affirmative action is not reservation.why are you still stuck in policy level statements,why dont you try to compare the trickle down effect of both,whats in a name?


  32. hey subbu i think you should start reading newspapers seriously. 2 years back there was this case of honour killing in delhi belonging to a brahmin family. she studied in IIMC and she was smothered to death by her parents just because she was in love with a person who belonged to lower caste. there were massive protests in delhi from various universities. its just a case to inform you. what about those brahmin girls who lead a lavish life having rich dalit husbands. by the way i pity for all those women in your family. how do they live with male chauvinists like you.


    • i dont know about brahmins elsewhere,am talking only about tambrahms.We dont do honour killing and all and infact many families even accept their son in laws,but am just talking about my family.

      The rules that i mentioned works for guys too,most of our guys know the value of marrying within the community and do so as well.

      Male chauvinism,we also try to be loyal,god fearing,conscientious.helpful ,disciplined,responsible spouses and brahmin male doing inter caste marriage faces equal flak.

      Brahmins may not study/while away their time but they got no one to save their ass,for otehrs there is reservation/government to do so,thats all.Brahmins who while away their time do so at their own risk.

      reservation is caste based discrimination,i dont even have a problem with it,if implemenetd correctly,it is just a farce.I went to an IIT,there were many quota candidates,we were nice to them but the difference was always there.,not their fault,the government puts people in the frying pan just like that.

      caste ll remain as long as reservations remain or country breaks up along quota lines,until then quota and caste ll remain,

      Reading about an IIMC girl,i was just googling,found nothing.


  33. someone out their with a essay on reservation, you better read something on reservation policy and then say that all dalits get thru because of reservation. i have en number of brahmin friends in my university who just dont study, like parasites they rely on non dalits and get their term papers and assignments done. when it comes to the teacher all they do is suck up to them, fall at their feet and get grades. i do agree that there might be dalits who might not study but there are also brahmins who just dont study. even before speaking about caste based reservation go and see that there is no caste based discrimination. remember that reservation is existing because of castiest brutes like you.


    • and the women of our family are traditional,family oriented,educated,talented,respect our culture,our up bringing and not cashing quick money oppurtunists.

      girls living with dalit husbands,let them be,i mean even dawood ibrahim is rich,so what?

      when was this an issue of money,we just ex communicate them dude,we dont want any favours from our damaads,we are good enough to get rich and live well off our own brains.

      no need to do ponzi schemes.

      and i dont read times of india and random news,i choose which news to read.


      • subbi you know what you need to grow up.even if someone is rich or poor what is wrong in marrying a person outside caste. you are such moron filled with hatred. if you say that you are going to ex-communicate then that shows your pervert mentality. now from where on earth did dawood come into our discussion. your way of argument shows that by hook or crook you need to win. suubs u know wht, you never know with the future may be one fine day someone from your family may find a dalit boy for themselves. so be human man why the hell are you getting so fussy. with this mentality you might get thrashed by your own family women. how long will they tolerate a male chauvinist moron like you. you mad man why the hell are you bothered about my name you know wht get yourself checked in a mental asylum. there are en number of paper other than TOI. by the way your family cannot be a national example. you tamil brahmins wht is that u say tambrahms keep sreaming out your throat that you belong to tambrahm, so what big deal. why dont you go for some computer crash course classes, you know to learn basics.

        read this may be you will be satisfied


  34. i have been reading the comments for sometime. majority of the comments belongs to brahmins claiming that they are wonderful, secular etc etc. but had you brahmins been all this you all wouldnt have come out bashing a caste or a gender (woman) publicly. these very comments by brahmins show how casteist they are.


    • sorry sanam,you cant read correctly.i am not bashing anyone here and like i said,there is no generalizations about brahmins,they are independent creatures.

      and there is a huge media/christian conspiracy to achieve conversions and the best target are brahmins,you cant see through it,so you think whatver the media says is correct.
      if you refer to a caste and absue them,they ll hit back.

      if you are so convinced of a brahmin male’s behaviour,why dont you point that out singularly,then see how he responds,if he says i am a brahmin and hence am not like that,then it makes sense but thats not what you do,you try to extrapolate individual instances and try to make a big molehill of a picture out of it.


  35. subramanuim

    i see you bashing christians you have anything to say about those kerala brahmins who have converted to christianity and even now when asked about their caste they say i am syrian brahmin christian. i dont go by generalizations but after seeing the kind of hatred you brahmins are spilling here on this blog, i am convinced with the views what the author is putting forward.. you speak about ex communication women, you abuse women with all kinds of derogatory remarks. you lack dignity and integrity. has any of you brahmins have made an attempt to even accept that discrimination exists against dalits, the answer is a big no. stop this superior attitude and behave like a normal human being.


    • I am not bashing christians,i am talking about their centrally organized theology and their intentions.Yet again you try to connect two things,if i say A is a murderer,and someone else says A is a thief,you conclude by saying,A could even a rapist,since two people say 2 different bad things about him,that seems to be the line of thinking.

      By enforcing stereotypes like this,caste just keeps surviving.The brahmins of south india are made of early brahmin fathers and non brahmin mothers,so we are both and we are as proud of it.

      Why dont ua sk the government to give reservation to kids of a brahmin male+ dalit girl,can you do that first?

      So a dalit woman’s kids deserve reservation more than a dalit man’s.

      But i dont see anyone talking on these lines?

      I am a normal human being,more normal,practical and informative than most of your bandwagoners here.


  36. Please read articles from Francois Gautier they are written after proper research. This article is without any proper research. The Author seems dump or very smart person. Francois Gautier has talked a lot about Christened backed dalit movement to divide this country.

    Can any one explain me if a barber is not ready to cut hairs of a Dalit than how Brahmins has exploied him.
    If in UP Yadavs are killing SC/ST than how Brahmins are responsible for that.
    If Vaniers (modern day MBC) are killing SC/ST then how Brahmins are responsible for that.

    In other states also the situation is same. See the number of castes which has been appended to SC/ST list in these 60 years. These kind of articles are written intensely to divided hindus more and more.


  37. hey subbu with reagard to reservation you brahmins were the first to demand reservation in mysore state the present karnataka.. you better read something before making baseless arguments like why dont you ask reservation for dalit women and brahmin male.instead of askinh me why dont you demand if you are that human. by the way a person like you cannot be human who believes in hierarchy and inequality.


  38. i dint get any comments regarding those brahmins who have coverted to Christianity ….go and visit western coastal area you will be exposed to the activities of upper caste especially brahmins who use Christianity for their interests.


    • sanam

      we consider them as christians only,regardless of who they were before conversions selling your soul is one way traffic,you cant buy it back.

      Modern religions of the book are mere derivatives of ancient schools of thought and we dont respect people who take a step down the ladder.


  39. by the way subbu i get to see how informative you are…niether you know about affirmative action in US nor you know to Google search. all you are bothered is about petty issues like how your name has to be spelled or you end up commenting on others name. come on man grow up….how much ever you deny the fact is that you brahmins were responsible for the exploitation dalits faced. if you claim yourself to be a normal human being, then you wouldn’t have come with such insensitive comments. before blabbering about reservation go and read something, you brahmins have demanded reservation before anyone would…go read something on reservation in mysore state. then you come and comment and by the way it was very much caste based reservation 🙂


    • parishudh,sorry to call the hoax that you are,

      but yeah i dont know anything,i am an imperfect human being unlike perfectures like you sculpted by Raja Ravi Varma,unfortunately imperfect human beings roam the streets and tresures like you end up in a bank locker,please stay there and continue to stink of old unventillated rooms.

      Brahmins are obviously responsible and dalits should be happy that after a political loss,dalits ended up surviving,in any other civilization they would be history now.

      In TN and most places we brahmins never need any reservation,our country chose the best of us and we served the country with full honour.

      Nonetheless,i have understood what an empty vessel you are,please dont reply to me,i have no interest is discussing more.


  40. “common man ” you converted christians….what google search you all christians are talking of, earlier you blamed Muslims and then they got poor and now you are trying another thing. You converted fellows. Two people I saw common here parishudh and sanam..these christians from kerala and tamil Nadu have a lot of time…instead of talking of any devlopment they are trying to divide our hindu population. Our muslim brothers were exploited by these christians. Let support Mulayam singh yadavji, Laloo yadavji and Narendra Modiji and remove these christians from our sacred nation.


  41. dear Dr Karpagam,

    You are a brave person who has understood the psychology of humans well.
    I feel any upper caste has the same thinking as you mentioned.

    Caste discrimination is not by Brahmins alone but also by other Non Brahmin castes too…but in front of a white man even the highest caste Indian will try to suck up..that is why some even believe in the out dated/disproved Aryan Dravidian divide..Indians only feel confident if they have a link with a white race.

    Even when I attend talks on Geeta..the speaker being a high caste Hindu himself will quote Albert Einstens view on the Geeta to promote the talk instead of giving credit to Lord Krishna.

    They will quote:
    “When I read the Bhagavad-Gita and reflect about how God created this universe everything else seems so superfluous.” ~ Albert Einstein
    when giving a discourse on Geeta.

    So my dear the average Indian needs white man to feel good!

    Pride and Prejudice is a social pathology that has infected society for generations.

    To tell you is better to just move on with life instead of even harbouring any thoughts that society will improve and people will give each other their due respect..believe one will change.
    the best is wish others well and leave everything to God cos if we harbour ill feelings towards any caste of community that makes us no different from them.

    God Bless you always


    • The reason why they Quote Albert Einstine is because he is a WESTERNER. there is nothing special in a Indian Praising an Indian work, but there is something if a Foreigner praising it. It is even more special when that Foreigner is a nobel laureate and is considered as one of the most intelligent person of the modern times.


  42. I would like to just add some thoughts of mine…when I read this whole article sounds as if a Dalit actually wants a approval from a Brahmin to gain respect in society.

    I totally disagree with this view…you see each human is worthy of respect on our very own accord..we do not need anyone to acknowledge our worth.

    No one can degrade us and neither can anyone elevate us….it is purely left to us to decide what and who we want to be in our own life.

    If a person does not respect hell with them..just delete their very existence from our memory bank.

    So what if the Brahmin does not want to marry a Dalit?

    Does a Dalit really need a Brahmin?

    By hoping that a Brahmin would want to marry a Dalit that does not portray acceptance but it portrays desire of “approval” from the Brahmin.

    This mind set still shows that one feels “inferior” and hoping for acceptance from a Brahmin to make a person feel equal with others or with a Brahmin.

    This sort of thinking should be got rid humans there is no one inferior or hoping a Brahmin will marry a Dalit that shows that a Dalit himself or herself has placed a Brahmin on a pedestal.

    Please remember only God is placed on a pedestal and no one else.

    Just a stanza from Geeta:

    Chapter 6, Verse 5.
    A man must elevate himself by his own mind, not degrade himself. The mind is the friend of the conditioned soul, and his enemy as well.

    So going by this..the only friends we need is God and our own selves..if a person does not respect need to try to gain his respect..just delete the person from your mind ad think of God.


  43. LOW IQ DALIT people doing gossip of superior Brahmin people.

    First all lower Caste male come to seduce Brahmin female and want to develop their community by marrying her or having sex with her.

    You can not find a single Brahmin male having sex oe marriage with dalit women becausde we have got better task to do with our superior IQ.

    Your LOW IQ men come and take our women for their own benefit such as your Ambedkar.


  44. Remember Brahmin or upper caste are different race(came through Aryan invasion of India) while OBC,SC,ST are different races or aboriginals from different parts of Africa,Australia etc.


  45. This post is full of BS. Brahmin women do marry non-Brahmin men and if they are rich, they marry Dalit men too. In fact, this is a growing trend among Brahmin girls Thus, the views on this post are factually incorrect.


  46. Sunny,
    i am surprised about your ignorance.
    Knowledge is gained not by birth by learning and hard work.Brahmins, naturally have advantage of learning as most of them in the family are educated.It is also a process of evolution.If yoy check the statistics of the students getting admission to Engg /medicine in Tamilnadu,many non brahmins in the open/general catagory make up the top score.Also the difference in cut-off between FC/General and OBC is narrowing year-by-year .It indicates that given a chance and study environment, every human being has the ability to succeed.I have STUDIED IN IITD and worked in North india.The brahmins in north in general have this “complex” and the same group in south have realized that one can not underestimate the ability of a person by his birth/caste/place.I did my Masters in Top engg college in Chennai.There were four brahmins in my class competing for the top.I am a non brahmin, from tiny village and i stood at the top.The brahmin girls were surprised and envied.After 35 years i can still re collect the way both of them came to me and expressed.
    No race is superior by birth.I have worked with Chinese and lived abroad for two decades.It is the environment/system/family support /financial situation etc are the main factors.
    Similarly , a brahmin can also shine in any other profession if he is given a chance and environment conducive to learning. so , in this scientific world, donot carry such old mindsets.
    best wishes!


    • Hi Vasanth,Good to ehar your story that you came from a village and was able to do well,i especially respect people who did professional courses 35 years ago as i felt it had more credibility then but the 12thd exams and the lack of professional exam that we have now is a huge farce.If you think things have come to a equitable status now,why dont we bar BC quota from TN colleges.U r talking about 1978,today people make multiple 200s in class xii exams and i know very well how the tutorial systems help make mediocre students make 200/200 in MPC whether in Namakkal or in Rasipuram.I know so many of my friends shifting from CBSE to State board after class X and score 3 200/200 and balance out things.How many TN students are able to get seats in central government institutions,IITs/NITs(no more 50% local quota) and without any entrance examination and getting 200/200 mugging up a small textbook,i am sure you have more than enough self respect to give credibility to such bullshit.This coming from someone who went to an ICSE school and my parents went to tamil medium state board schools in villages,if you want to gauge this and say people are equally good,it probably means the opposite,that everyone studying in state board are equally worse.


  47. and we still have this fake OBC quota,my parents went to a tamil mediums chool in the villages and my dad was a bank employee,he could never help me out with ICSE syllabus,so why have this OBC bogus for naidus/chettiars/Mudaliars when they had more than enough wealth to send their kids to england to study.People in the villages still toil without any hope,only good thing is they dont fall for fancy stuff like engineering,they get into reliable useful professions and get ahead in life.


  48. To some idiot claimer:Brahmin have avg IQ 110,other FC have well over 100(includes only Khatriya/kayastha,Jat,Gujjar etc) but OBC,Vaishya or Sc/St have avg IQ less than 80-avg is only 85.

    Now you understand the difference.Time for upper caste/Brahmin to invade other land such as Canada.


  49. i have been intrigued by the hostility of caste hindus towards dalits. Non-brahmins are if anything even more hostile towards dalits than brahmins and this goes beyond regarding them as “lower”. What I mean is that caste hindus display hatred and hostility towards,rather than contempt for, the dalits. This leads me to surmise that there must have been a time in our history where people of caste and those without were deeply antagonistic. Even Dr. Ambedkar hints at something like this but stops at that. To understand Dalit-Hindu relations, we must really dig deep to find out where this began.

    My personal thoughts are that it is not really essential to move towards a casteless society. We can retain our caste identity along with the rich cultural heterogeneity that it fosters, but can work towards egalitarian society. A brahmin need not marry a dalit or vice versa but they can respect each other as equals.


    • humans are not dvandaatheetam yet..that means we humans are not beyond dualities yet..even if there is a casteless society people will still find some ways of dividing will be rich–poor, beautiful–plain,,educated–lesser educated.
      To me I do not believe in the caste and the person I married even though an arranged marriage is not from my own caste..the most important fact I considered is the wave length of the person and the outlook of the person should match mine..a soul mate need not be from our own can be anyone who thinks like ourselves..
      eventually birds of a feather will flock together even if they are from Kashmir or Kanyakumari.


  50. I think the author of this blog needs to be sent to a mental hospital as the article doesn’t seem to be written by a person with a sane mind.
    Brahmin males want sex with dalit women but will not marry them?? Who came up with this crap?? How many such cases are there?? Most brahmin males even today are virgins before marriage, irrespective of which caste girl they marry.
    Since the majority of naxals/maoists happen to be dalit can one say that all dalits are terrorists??


  51. Its in the nature of men to want one type of women for sex & another type as life partner.It has nothing to with being brahmins or dalits. Given an opportunity, most dalit men would love to have sex with fair skinned brahmin women but when it comes to marriage, would marry within their own caste.

    The growing trend is increasing number of brahmin women wanting sex with non brahmin males & increasing number of non brahmin men having sex with brahmin women, ignoring women from their own caste.

    This has left the lower caste women unwanted, high & dry, whereas the brahmin men are left focusing on their jobs & career. Evidently sex with women whether with brahmin or non brahmin doesn’t figure high on the list of priorities.of a brahmin man….


  52. I wud hav liked ur blog coz breaking these caste barriers is the only way we can empower our dharma hindutva but this reservation thing is really dividing hindus in the name of obc,upper caste sc etc.


  53. Kudos to the author. Thank you very much ma’am for this insightful article.
    And thanks to all friends for defending the cause of the Dalits.
    I am not a Dalit, but I am for the upliftment of the Dalits to be treated as equal humans in society as anyone else.
    The Brahmin brigade has simply exposed its sick mentality through its arguments.


  54. Continuing my comment
    I like to remain anonymous.
    Im a girl from dalit community. Had a boy friend who was a brahmin . He turned me down for the same reason saying his parents wont agree to marry a non brahmin girl. I felt dejected. Was frustrated to think how narrow minded people are after advancing so much. Indians will never change. we have this deep rooted culture which cannot be shaken by anybody.


    • Hi, thanks for sharing. I am sure you are a wonderful person and will find someone very special. Hope you will also work to address this issue at a larger level. Sylvia


      • Yeah, so because of your personal bad experience, you go ahead and generalize and tarnish an entire community. Way to go. As others have asked, do we brand all Dalits as anti-national terrorists because most Naxal-Maoist thugs happen to be Dalits?


  55. May i Know ur age author?? LOL i pity u have taken suppression women/men, caste etc to fill ur blog….
    this is 21st century , people are still thinking about caste and gender…w-t-hell with indians.
    I live in US and people shall roar at me ” what ? ” if i ask them about their race…… and u are writing blogs on it and i see people commenting tons and tons of lines…….


  56. want to know truth about dalits. Search in following keyword in google.
    $ dalit raped $
    u wil get 1290000 RESULTS !!!
    What a shame!!!


  57. One question to Dalit man or women??

    Why this obsession with fair skin? Aren’t you denigrating or degrading your community by
    falling at the feet or worshiping somebody, whose skin color commands respect & nothing else.Does it not look like a pathetic & desperate attempt to covet & make fair skin a part of your own community??


  58. I am neither a Brahmin, nor a dalit. I am a gupta.

    Now… regarding a person marrying marrying a dalit woman or any woman – in India guys don’t enter into a “boyfriend/girlfriend” relationship to marry them.

    I want to confess some of my ‘mistakes’ of the past too. Back in the day when I was still at college, I was considered quite a charming person and I had no difficulty finding girlfriends. Before I met a girl who got totally involved with me, I had had semi-casual girlfriends before I entered my third year of medicine. Then I met this good-looking darkskinned South Indian girl, she was apparently a dalit. She was not poor at all. She was well-dressed, well-behaved, soft-mannered at all.

    We both had a relationship that went on for three years. Mind you, I NEVER promised her that I will marry her. Even if she was a brahmin [again, I am a gupta]. I wouldn’t have married her, since I have also had relationships with people of other caste before. One fine day, she asked me about when we were to get married, I dodged the conversation – but she raised the issue again the next day. Then I started avoiding her, telling her that I was busy. I was hoping that she would catch the signal and that I can tell her that I am not interested in a married life a month or so later without causing her an absolute heart-break.

    But she had, apparently, interpreted the signals as me trying to negotiate with my parents. For your information, my dad is an Arya Samaj person and would have never objected to the marriage.

    Anyway, by the end of the month, I started to realize that I am only being hard on her by not being forthright. So I decided to frankly tell her that “I am not interested in getting married”. When I did tell her that, she asked me “So your parents won’t approve?” At this point I was really feeling embarrassed and guilty, but I did not want to be guilted into a marriage. Further, I was scared about telling her the truth [that it was not my family but me that is not interested in the marriage]. So I used my family as a convenient excuse. I said “Yes, even my grandma is sick, and if things go bad – I would never be able to forgive myself. I am sorry.”

    So, to answer your question – there are SEVERAL reasons why an Indian male would not marry a person she has slept with. Sex is a physical relationship, and marriage is a lifetime of commitment. But in case of women of other castes [especially the ones from the so-called lower strata] – men get an easy excuse to breakup.

    Today, I am married to a girl from my own caste – the gupta caste. I am not ashamed of it. I think I have a right to decide who I will marry. My wife does know that I had girlfriends from before marriage [after all, she studied in the same college]

    Also the khairlanji violence was committed by the OBCs on Mahars; the karamchedu violence was perpetrated by the kammas on madigas; the dharmapuri violence was perpertrated by MBCs on dalits. Most honor killings are done by muslims, rajputs, yadavs, and people of the kshatriya caste generally. This article is very poor – in the sense that it divides the society into four groups – Brahmin Male, Brahmin Female, Dalit Male, Dalit Female. Not only is such a breakup an oversimplification [because there are the guptas, the yadavs, the naidus, the reddies, the singhs etc]; but also there is far too much OVERgeneralisation.


    • it is not known gupta lies in which clan shah- teli , morya sakya- badayu up case wala brahman , low kshtriya , lower vaishya ,lowest sudra guptas in which low category lie down will any body clarify please ?


  59. Yeah. You are right. Dalit Women are beautiful!!! Rubbish….First of all, if you are modern, educated, woman you will give up this caste consciousness. The fact that you still see the caste differences itself makes you no different from other prejudiced, discriminating Hindus and Brahmins against whom you are venting your wrath. Probably you are a Brahmin woman yourself who converted to Christianity by taking the name Sylvia. No problem. But do adopt western lense and look everybody equally and you will see only equality. For me, I see no difference between a Brahmin woman or a Dalit woman. A woman is a woman and any woman is capable of arousing me sexually, like you rightly observed. By the way I am a born Brahmin, but married to white woman. Probably you will conclude that I am a typical Brahmin trying to gain western identity through white woman. That will be typical of you. Similarly you are a half educated Indian woman who thinks she has become a westerner by taking the name Sylvia…..We are Indians and Hindus, and nothing can alter that…..And caste identity comes into light only when the person project himself or herself as belonging to a particular caste….As long as Dalit project themselves as Dalits and try to make a great deal of it, Brahmins will project themselves as Brahmins and the illusion continues…It is people like you who are responsible for continued caste system in India. Educated Indians who provide legitimacy to caste system by formally recognizing it and writing stupid articles based on conjectures, speculations and vivid imagination….


  60. I surrender. I’m 19 years old and I surrender.

    I am an American who wants to get rid of my Indian past. But I bear its mark on my skin. My ancestors were the Brahmins, and I know that there are Indians who will hate me for it- me, not them.

    If I deny my ancestry and bury it, you will harangue me. “If you don’t know your caste, of course you are upper caste!” If I acknowledge it, you will call me a rapist like you did in articles like this.

    Ma’am, I’m just a kid trying to find my place in the world. Why are you so full of hate? What have I done? I who want to be a doctor like you to serve the underprivileged? Why are you so eager to take out the sins of my ancestors on me?

    I surrender.


    • Dear Raj, Firstly stop being so melodramatic. Some objectivity would be good. Your opening sentence is problematic – where you say you want to forget your past. That’s a flippant attitude. One cant’ just wish away one’s historical past just as you can’t tell a dalit kid ‘Hey dude forget what your family was and is going through. Just get on with life” Nobody hates you for being brahmin but when you underplay how brahminism has discriminated, then your attitude is what repulses people. Caste practices are not ‘past’. They are very much in practice even in the American society you live in. take a look at the matrimonials. Get your head out of the bubble of illusion that is created round you. Then you will see that forgetting is not an option.


      • Dear Doc,
        I am a 44 year old Female from another country…also from the same profession as you.

        I am not a Brahmin but I feel Raj has been honest and open and we should admire him for that..he does not want to harbour hatred of any kind.

        At the same time I understand that discrimination of any form is bad but why do you seem to seek acceptance and approval from others?

        For example I know a lot of people have pride and prejudice towards those who are not their kind and show it too but why should that bother anyone who knows their worth?

        I can understand how Dalits are STILL treated all around the world..caste discrimination has never ended but it has just mutated..this I agree with you..but my question is why blame the Brahmin alone?

        Do you know that the average Indian male from any part of the world has double standards? That is they view girls as girlfriend material and wife they will have sex with the girls they fancy as girlfriend material and marry only those their mums happens all over the world..its nothing to do with being a Dalit here.

        Men might even sleep with their own caste girls who they feel are girlfriend material but marry a Sati Savitri homely types their mums choose.

        So the best advice is girls just dont give in to any types of predatory male..if a guy really loves a girl he will never force her into sex if she is not keen.

        A couple should decide how they want their relationship to be..that is just for time pass or with the possibility for marriage..if is just for time pass then if the couple agree for mutual sex without any ties its up to them and no need to play the blame game of caste..if the couple see some future then the girl has to be very careful how she deals with the guy..if she senses he could be lying and trying to take advantage of her..she should just ditch him.

        BTW what does it matter who wants to marry whom? In arranged marriages most people look for their own kind in terms of community,background,education etc..its only in love marriages people tend to marry out of their community.

        So its not fair to say that discrimination exists in matrimonials..that is just specification.

        To end my message I still feel if we have a blog like this it goes to show that the only person glorifying a Brahmin is you..cos you seem to really want acceptance from a Brahmin.

        My dear Slyvia….in this world there is no one that needs to be glorified..we only need acceptance form God not from humans be it Brahmin or Dalit.

        Be happy with ourselves for what we are…hatred does not bring any good..for me if someone does not like me becos of my caste or community I usually just ignore such people cos true humans will see the same Atma in every living entity.


      • Well said billi mam.

        Sylvia mam, Raj has at least taken a step forward in this issue compared to the other casteist people who have commented cheaply in this thread. We can appreciate him for that and educate him more on the plight of a Dalit woman.


      • Dear friends, the issue is not about whether Raj feels upset or not. he is privileged enough to deal with his upsetness. He represents a whole bunch of Indian youth who think that just because they want to forget the ‘past’ all of us should jump with joy. You cant forget the past, and its not even the past. Pretending that something doesnt exist doesnt make it go away. Has Raj or any of his other brahmin buddies who profess not to practice caste ever condemn it? No they wont……. What about all the violations that are happening in the name of caste? If you dont talk about it it will go away? One step forward in this issue means nothing. Reallly it means nothing.
        Even my blog makes not a whit of difference and I dont pretend it does. So I dont see the need to make any American born brahmin feel the caste system disappeared just coz he shut his eyes.


      • And by the way, Dr Karpagam in no way have I said that caste is in the last.

        I have only said that I resent being called a rapist just because of the accident of my birth.

        Of course caste is still present- I read a paper for my Econ class which proved using an Oaxaca decomposition that the Indian job market discriminates against Dalits. Matrimonial ads still exist. The Human Rights Watch documents atrocities against Dalits every year. Why would I ever want to put that in the past.

        All I’m saying is that I have nothing to do with it. And I have no special responsibility TO have anything to do with it. I don’t have to move back to India because of something my ancestors did ages ago. That’s why America is great- everyone is born with a clean slate.

        And one last thing. I’m a college liberal, I’m well aware of the privilege I was born with. But as a patient speaking with a doctor, all the privilege in the world cannot heal problems such as depression, especially stemming from disability.

        I was “melodramatic” that day because you hate me for who I am, how I was born, independent of my actions. Yesterday, my mental state put me on the defensive. But today I’m confident enough to condemn you as a hate mongerer. No one deserves to be judged due to the conditions of their birth. Not blacks, not whites, not Dalits, and not Brahmins. It’s something Ambedkar knew and believed in. But those who claim to follow his legacy like you don’t seem to get it. You’re no better than my ancestors- i condemn you and them.


    • Dr Karpagam,

      Watch this: caste is terrible, those who practice it are bigots.

      Just because of who I was born to by no choice of my own, I don’t have a special responsibility to police groups of people in India- especially since I don’t live there.

      Do I practice caste? I don’t see how I could. I don’t go to temples. I don’t know the castes of my Indian friends. And my girlfriend is white.

      Yet you still think I’m a rapist.


      • And I’ll throw this in for the heck of it: reservations ought to stay indefinitely, but more government action is needed to actually bring Dalit students into secondary school and not become dropouts.

        Not only did you categorically call all people like me rapists, but you prejudged my views and have given me a special responsibility towards India all because of the accident of my birth.

        Ambedkar married a Brahmin, Dr Karpagam. THATS a way to fight caste. Antagonize the people actually espousing casteist views or actually committing Harijans atrocities. Not random stragglers.

        And finally, as a doctor, please treat both the privileged and the underprivileged. Illness doesn’t discriminate, and while we may have more resources to cope than the impoverished, we still need help.


  61. Dear Dr Karpagam,

    All Indians practice Casteism including Christians..they too have the concept of Casteism when they marry.

    Even Non Brahmins practice casteism..I being a Non Brahmin know this well too.
    So I feel its not fair to blame the Brahmin alone here.

    I just hope you could move on with life and stop harboring hatred for any community.

    To be frank..I am not going to mince my words anymore..this sort of mental make up you have is frankly speaking an insult to Dalits.I know many Dalit people who do not have such thinking and they are progressive and intelligent and strive for a good life without being too bothered about how they are viewed by society.

    Karpagam Ji ..kindly re think what you write cos I really dont want to say this but your blog makes it sound like a case of Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned..anyone will think that some personal relationship with a Brahmin Male did not go too well.

    So please dont insult Dalit woman and make it sound as if they would sleep around with any male.

    Dalit women are women from India too who have good standards of please stop this blog at least for the dignity of Dalit women.

    Beyond this I dont know what to tell you.


    • Dear Raj, So according to you, your ancestors practiced caste and its wrong. You yourself don’t go to temples and have a white girlfriend, therefore you don’t practice caste. YOU don’t practice caste therefore I shouldn’t criticise brahmins?

      Like I said earlier, this is a safe bubble you have created for yourself because things are a certain way and you are basically rationalising your life to keep things that way. You are welcome to it. All I’m saying is, just because you have an opinion in your head and you read some articles about the caste system, nothing changed. People who are born into this so called upper caste need to question it at a very deep and existential level. Yes we all have biases and prejudices and one needs to fight those internal demons at all times, but the caste system is systemically sanctioned. Questioning oneself is easy but once you start looking at caste you will see how casteist your family, your community, your friends are. Questioning that is infinitely more hard. It means you have a comfort zone and you are willing to make it an uncomfortable zone. Not many people will want to do that. But just because a Brahmin young man or woman has a problem getting out of his or her comfort zone, it doesn’t mean your community has been innocent or is innocent.

      I am not sure when and where I said that Brahmins are rapists. There are many instances of upper caste men stripping and violating and parading naked and stripping dalit women. They don’t do it because they are men, as Billi is naively trying to project, they do it because of the power of their caste. So would you prefer to call that casteism or rape or rape in the name of caste or caste in the name of rape, you are free to take your pick. You want to distance yourself from all that saying you have nothing to do with it. At the same time, you use the privileges of being a Brahmin (which you must identify in your day to day life), you don’t want to be held responsible for the acts of other upper castes. At the same time you don’t want to give up your upper caste privileges. Isnt it getting a bit too cosy?

      If you really want to do something then identify and criticize casteist practices – in yourself, your family, your community, your friends. And criticize isn’t something you do over a drink. You say it’s unacceptable. You make a fuss over it. You can even take recourse to legal action. If someone uses a casteist language to describe someone else, take legal action saying this is a case of discrimination.

      If you cant do all that, just stop reading blogs like mine. These are my thoughts, and I pretty much don’t need to have some American brahmin telling me why he’s not happy with my blog. Enjoy your Oaxaca decomposition of the Indian job market and tut tut over it. Of course you yourself have nothing to do with it. Sleep merry my friend.


      • I will sleep merrily and I wish you the best of luck with this 🙂

        No, I have no problem with your blog at all. I’m glad I reached out to you to you so you could clarify your views. Yet how am I to know that the “Brahmin male” in the post isn’t me? The last thing I want to do is claim not to be one of “those” Brahmins as if I were special. So many Brahmins who are against caste seem to do this- writing viciously about “Brahmins” as a group but not including themselves in it!

        There are plenty of Brahmins out there like me, especially on the free thought site of Nirmukta. We’re not all the same. Some like me want to drop the Brahmin identity but are discouraged to do so because, some say, it “erases the past.” So I keep it only to acknowledge my own privilege and for no other reason. The Brahmin male in the post doesn’t sound like me at all. I would appreciate it if you could clarify in future posts whom you mean. I desperately want to be good, yet misunderstanding posts like this make it hard.

        I don’t want to pretend my attitude is doing anything for people in India –it’s not, unfortunately. Th best I can do is speak out against caste when it rears it’s head in the US.

        Once again, best of luck, and thanks for engaging with me. 🙂


      • I had been following the topic on Brahmin malefor a long time. Are not there better topics to discuss in an Intellectual forum.
        There is a sea change in terms of thinking among educated people.
        I am a born Brahmin and married a class mate of mine who is a Reddy from West Godavari in AP in 1975. My eldest son got married to an I yer from Dharwad. Her parents are. … Father is a new Iyer and mother a Mudaliar.
        My younger son got married to a Maharashtrian.
        All in my opinion, are equal. Castes are made to satisfy one’s convenience and ego.
        It is high time we concentrate our energy in solving major problems plaguing the society

        Krishna Ganti.


      • Sir, firstly this is not an intellectual forum. Secondly just because YOU think all castes are equal doesn’t make all castes equal. If you look for caste based discrimination you will find abundant evidence of it. Engaging with the reality of that may make the discussion more fair and just – intellectualism be damned.


  62. Daer Dr Slyvia,

    When I 1st read your blog I liked your blog cos I thought that you were trying to project the beauty and intelligence of Dalit women that many upper caste men do not want to acknowledge and try to suppress them..but now when I read your reply to Raj I feel that you sound very much like a Casteist yourself..why do you find fault with a Brahmin when for discrimination when you yourself are spewing hatred?

    I dont know if you would reply me but I would love to engage with you cos I being a Hindu Non Brahmin I strive to see all humans as the same even though they might not think of me as the same.

    Hatred is not going to take us anywhere.

    I am also a doctor like you and for us doctors its so easy for us to see all humans as the same…I have done enough autopsies to know that all humans are the why you being an intelligent and beautiful doctor you chose to harbor so much hatred?

    As a doctor I am sure you know how the human mind works..its actually very self centered and the human ego will go to any extent to defend itself.

    Humans based most of their perceptions on the pairs of even if caste system was not there we humans would have found another way to divide ourselves.

    Can I ask you a question? You said that one should stand up and even take legal action if there is caste discrimination….so far have you asked any so called upper caste Christian why they themselves practice casteism even in churches and will not marry a Dalit Christian?

    have you taken legal action against them?

    Dont get me wrong..I am not pro Brahmin or pro anyone for that matter..its just that hatred has to stop.

    Do you know that when we stand up for our rights without spewing hatred we actually achieve more?

    I never show hatred to a person who hates me..I show them that they can never break me and I do not stop being my loving self.


    • Of course she is casteist, is that even a question?

      First of all, Sylvia, Raj never said he wanted to keep his privileges. He also didn’t say caste ism shouldn’t be criticized.

      But you not only make blanket statements about both Brahmins and Dalits in your post, they’re ridiculous on top of it.How did you get the data- did you take ethnographic surveys? If so, what was your sample size? You’re making an empirical claim that Brahmin men want to please white women and that they have no identity beyond their caste. Really !

      That goes against serious studies as done by CJ Fuller (Renewal of the Priesthood), Ramesh Bairy (Being Brahmin, Being Modern), or the authoritative Cambridge history volume by Susan Bayly.

      Do you actually believe you’ve written something that can be defended empirically. I tell Creationists all the time- get your drivel peer reviewed, then we’ll talk.


  63. Hi Sylvia.
    I’ve been following ur ideas .
    I’m not interested in debating u but let me tell u what I can conclude on casteism. When a lady from my home is discriminating based on caste , I asked her “why would u still be in such ideology ” ?? And she replied it’s the dilemma of education and cultural growup. She said even though she is educated she couldn’t come out of those barriers cz of her childhood influences. That’s the reason she said she made my generation grow without any influences with good education . So she is pretty confident that from my gen no casteism will be followed. Out of her dialogues I’m like ” yes”.
    That is what’s gonna happen . So I’m pretty much sure ur past genre lady so ur mind is full of Brahmin, Dalit , this that etc etc ,,,,, but ur next gen will never have such …… And after u die my gen will never face this issue . So u guys with old genre …. Plz die ASAP . Btw I’m a Brahmin by birth and there is nothing to do with that ….. And yea there is in equality still in this gen and that is between rich and poor and since I belong to middle class , I have full rights to comment on anything I feel time pass


  64. Lolwut. Dr Karpagam, the last post from “Raj” with smiley faces wasn’t me.

    Of course I don’t want my Brahmin privileges. And if course I don’t want you to stop criticizing Brahminism.

    But you seem to hate Brahmins just because of the accident of their birth. Case and point- for me to be a decent human being in your eyes, I can’t go about my business like my white or black friends can. I have to actively police people in a community I don’t give a damn about.

    I live with my mom. That’s it. We have no other family. She’s religious but doesn’t go to the temple for personal reasons. There’s not a casteist thought in her soul- in fact, she’s come to resent patriarchy. so much for that.

    But apparently, she and I fit the caricatures you made up above without a thought to scientific methodology.

    And that makes you a casteist. Dismissing me as “an American born Brahmin” makes you a casteist. I don’t need to be more than a decent person to justify my existence. Being good should be enough.


  65. First of all, if you are going to reply to what I’m going to say, I expect you to be courteous. Also, I expect your arguments to be purely logical: No name calling, no personal attacks. If you cannot fulfill these two criteria, I consider your comment beneath my notice, regardless of whether you are brahmin or whatever.

    So here are my arguments.

    Whether you are brahmin or dalit or kshatriya or any other cast, no one gives you the right to make stereotypical judgments about a community. The author has violated this common social courtesy to the fullest extent. You are not born into a brahmin family, neither have you lived in one. In short, you have absolutely no idea what goes on in our heads. I believe you are stupid – not because you’re a dalit, I have many immensely smart dalit friends – simply because you have made so many stereotypical allegations against me and all those in my caste without knowing our lives and problems.

    quote: ” A Brahmin male’s self worth is determined greatly by how appreciative a white woman – American or British preferably, is of him.”

    My view: Oh, those white women are so commonly found here in Pune city, aren’t they. Oh look! There goes one down that alley!

    quote: “The Brahmin male can therefore sleep with a non Brahmin woman but maintains his distance from her through contempt and disgust, treating her like a disgusting object he must touch necessarily for her own good – through an almost altruistic concern for her wellbeing that necessitates him touching her.”

    My view: Lady, if I ever sleep with a woman, it’ll be cause she’s hot – and willing (before some retard comes accusing me of rape). Not because she’s dalit or whatever other perverse notions you have in your head. And after I get laid, I’m not likely to put on woman-repellent. I’d rather snuggle with her, regardless of caste. And if I ever marry a woman, it won’t be just because she’s a brahmin. It’ll be because I love her for who she is and what she means to me. Remind me to never consult you as a marriage counselor. Forget marriage counselor, I wouldn’t consider coming to you for even medical treatment. Your mentality repels me.

    quote: “The dalit male – an epitome of broken self esteem”

    So you helped prove some allegations false. It is not brahmins going out of their way to insult and hurt and mock dalits, it is the christians. You lot seem to want to divide us and insult us hindus as much as possible. I, as a person with excellent friends from all castes and creeds, wouldn’t dare make such an assumption.


  66. Excellent Article Dr. Sylvia
    your articles depict the TRUTH at sub-concious level of Human Pshycology of these castes.So people who are refuting this TRUTH are trying to put themselves in situation created by your artcile and negate it on superficial level,thinking it all to be crap.But you have defined the reality of all the four subgroups very clearly.this reality emerges as soon as we see any situation like this evolves.otherwise so called Brahmins can do chest pumping thinking all this wrong.But in ESSENCE they know what have been written is TRUTH. one may or may not like it but TRUTH is TRUTH.
    Extending it further,i also thought about how such a socio-pshychological situation arose.It cant be like that since begining of Human History.Do you see any spiritual angle to this?i see brahmins are spiritually corrupt(as they always try to negate TRUTH and cant move forward spiritually).yes they can pretend so by all the fake rituals etc.In a way arn’t they fooling themselves?In my opinion a Brahmin can never be GOD realised with such a short and narrow mindedness. so they try to confuse brahmin with tossing a term BRAHMAN (GOD) but they can never be. its paradox for them.thats why if you look at history of saints and gurus, i dont think you would find many god realised people from this caste.becasue for that one has to shed his identity to be merged with GOD and thats the last thing this brahmin caste will do.
    and yes this applies to each and every Brahmin wherther one is in USA or INDIA or anywhere. they are helpless because its like in their DNA and many of them themselves dont know their true nature and hence we see attempt to refute it here.thier TRUE nature emerges as sson as they are put in such Brahmin-Dalit situation.


  67. whatever said and done..I am not supporting any caste cos I dont believe in the caste system and rather see a person as what he or she is worth but from what I can make out here most replies from Brahmin individuals especially from the South of India seem rather “violent”.I was just wondering whatever happened to Vidya and Vinaya? Any Idea?


  68. “Panic attacks are simply accentuated versions of natural bodily reactions; remember, they CAN NOT harm you in any way. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you will save money if you skip treatment. You don’t have to bother with it but Fort Oswego is all that stands between you and Fort Carillon which will give you control of the Iroquois Territory.


  69. The article, in my view, appears more like an attack of discrimination on a particular caste. In today’s society, evil is not restricted to a particular caste. It stems from corrupt thoughts. The ancient caste system was not as rigid and was based on one’s conduct. But corrupt men from upper classes used it to maintain their status and justify their evil deeds in the name of religion etc. The intention with which reservation was introduced to put the long oppressed classes at par with the mainstream is praiseworthy but vote-bank politics and corrupt intentions have created a class of poor upper caste people who are the biggest sufferers, at present.
    There is no point blaming a caste or a section of people some of whom themselves are sufferers in the society today. Its time we grow above all these things if we truly intend on being educated and civilized.


  70. Hi Dr Karpagam,

    What is it that you want savarnas like us to do? It’s been painful reading your posts since you don’t seem to want reconciliation with us. For those of us who are trying to understand, who have read Annihilation of Castes, who are intent on marrying outside the caste, and who support policies like private sector reservation, what more would you like us to do?

    I apologize if I sound confrontational– I’m not challenging you, I simply would like to hear your honest opinion.

    You seem frustrated by people like me who take a passing interest– we seem to you as dabblers who are learning about these issues just to make ourselves feel better, but not really changing anything. I’m just not sure what more I can do. Yes, I’m in a privileged situation. I have a toilet, which 70% of Indians don’t have, and I take that for granted. So I’m definitely far removed from the situation. But at the same time, I can’t leave my job. What more can I do to help?


    • Dear Savarna, not sure why you even want a ‘passing interest’ in these issues. Yes you are privileged and you take it for granted. you cant do much so why do you even try. Just enjoy your job and your savarna status.


      • So “savarnas” who don’t help earn your hatred, savarnas who try do also. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

        You haven’t replied to ANY comments about how you know so much about the Brahmin male’s psyche without resort to empiricism. I’m sure you’re a terrible doctor- not cause you’re a Dalit, but because you obviously don’t understand science.

        You should read Anand Teltumbdes book on Khairlanji- an intelligent man and a Dalit. Most crimes against Dalits are done by OBCs. Inconvenient for you worldview though, isn’t it?

        And as far as you being allowed to hate upper castes for ancestral crimes- what about what YOUR ancestors did? They practices untouchability too against others. Read Ambedkaes work and you’ll get an idea. Who are YOU going to answer to for the human rights abuses you descend from?

        Fun fact: people who take advantage of political correctness to hide their bigotry are dicks. And it shows.


  71. Your writing is both amateurish and infantile. It seems to have no basis in fact. For instance, you write: “A Brahmin male’s self worth is determined greatly by how appreciative a white woman – American or British preferably, is of him.”

    So are you telling me that non-Brahmin males don’t base their self-worth on the opinions of white women and secondly, how many white women are there in India?

    I’m not sure if you intended this to be fiction or non-fiction. My guess is fiction. I see a lot of rants like yours from non-Brahmins against Brahmins. I’ve never seen the reverse. Most of them are like yours; angry rants that reek of inferiority complex.


  72. forget India guys quit this nation, all reservations are given by all lost out parties, they can blame bramhin as we are not vote bank and dont put out fatwaas ,, let them try such nonsense aganist islamic person( the author would be dead in no time ) its easy to blame bramhins than look into ones own mistakes let them follow lets create fund which will help bramhin students get out of foeraken country let them study in better american universities (else iit no university in india is worth studying)


    • That goes to show suppression of any kind is bad.
      Dalits have suffered in the past.So I guess now everyone can understand what suppression is all about.

      As a Hindu sometimes I feel wonder why religious text which talks Aham Brahmasmi (I am Brahman) advocated classification of the human race into a suppressive manner.

      Even though the Vedas do not speak about Shudras not allowed to gain spiritual knowledge but only a Smriti say so and its a well known fact that Vedas can over rule a Smirti yet not one had the balls to stand up and tell the Hindu society that suppressing any community is wrong..

      So this is the price one has to pay when no one wants to really follow the Vedas and everyone wants to follow a Smriti which lead to utter chaos in the social network of India.

      In fact in Brahma Sutra Bhasya it clearly states this:


      पत्युः असामञ्जस्यात्

      Meaning: For the Lord there can be no creatorship for that leads to incongruity.

      For the Lord that is to say for God there can be no causality towards the universe by becoming( a mere) superintendent over Nature and souls.


      On account of incongruity.

      What is that incongruity?

      For a Lord who creates the various creatures by dividing them into grades of inferiority,mediocrity and superiority will be open like ourselves to the charges of likes,dislikes that He will cease to be God

      This clearly shows that God does NOT grade humans…that should automatically make the Caste system a function based on socio economic reasons and not based on any gradation on ascending or descending order.

      So religious leaders should be brave enough to stand up and speak out to uplift the society instead of warming their seats and doing practically nothing.

      When we have extremes of any kind that only spells trouble.

      Has anyone realized that its either a Brahmin or a Dalit that is always complaining?

      Think about the possible reasons!


  73. hello dalit queen. i read all your writings & i still you are biased. you are as biased as biased as the the Brahmins you are forgetting one thing. maximum discrimination done against you is not from Brahmins but from other OBC like yadav, thalur & other hundreds of casts. even in dalits there are two groups left hand & right hand & one will not marry other. i am a govt servant & i know. how it works better than you. the govt spends lot of money on developing dalit ( means sc bcos you don’t have the same affection towards ST. you have grabbed the lion share in reservation although they are more deserving than you) & your people are interested only to get the benefits & free meals & not working hard. there are some exceptions of course.
    maximum atrocity on you is done by other OBC & you are not bold enough to condemn them as they are more feroicoius , but it is easy to pick on Brahmins as they don;t have the power to hit back. even if you get a cold it is due to Brahmins for you.
    i have educated & settled the lives of many people irrespective of casts. i have many SC ST students who are very close to me.
    what ever the best is done by other casts to you , you are alwyas suspicious & negative. unless you come out of your caste shell you can never grow although how much educated you are. that is your draw back. first stop blaming others & think how you can become one with others. it is no the others who are discriminating. it is you who are doing it yourself to et sympathy & show like a martyr.

    i can excatly say what you will reply now to this post. it follows the typical line that i am dalit, you don;t understand etc


  74. Dr Karpagam

    I was treated as an untouchable in a Privileged christian college in chennai because I was a brahmin and was denied admission despite scoring 96 percent in Physics. I had to go through numerous hardships in life? I wonder whats your view on that


  75. I can easily realize that you’re nothing but a loyal well paid servant of your evangelical masters and as such your ploy is to incite hatred within the Majority Hindu community in India and try to create disharmony within India.
    Who are you trying to fool? you paid servant.
    Go wash your sh*t first.



  76. first off; dear god woman! you’re a doctor! stop disgracing the field and get a psych consult.

    On a more serious note, i was generally looking up articles and schools of thought on ‘inter-caste marriages’ because I am very happily planning one, and i happened to come across your little tete-a-tete on…I’m not quite sure what. because you’ve successfully managed to insult and demean brahmin men, brahmin women, dalit men and painted a picture of dalit women that is stupendously superficial.

    Also, I am a doctor. I am a woman of learning and i am most certainly NOT identified by the man in my life. I am an avid feminist. how many talks have you give on the subject of feminism and its need in the world today? forget ‘talks’, do you even know what feminism means? it isn’t to place women on a pedestal nor does it mean the so called ‘de-throning’ of men. it is meant to place us on an equal playing field. i’ll throw in a hint; the key word here being EQUAL. men and women, regardless of caste, religion, social standing, background, education level – we are all meant to be treated equally. so why not try to get past this basic hurdle before shaming women of a certain caste whilst exalting ‘olive-skinned beauties’ of another? This right here proves beyond all doubt that you are no feminist. heck, you’re just as bad as a pig headed male chauvinist but unlike that condemnable sort, you parade as a woman standing up for woman’s rights! Your sort makes me sick.

    women are beautiful. in a million different ways. and just by that horrific generalization of yours, that dalit (i hate even using that word, it belies a sense of racism just in its usage – women. that is one i use a lot; without any suffixes) women represent the beauty of a country? umm…how? the twinkle in their eyes? their olive skin? do you have even a shred of objective information in this sorry excuse of an article? i can’t truly tell what you’r trying to achieve here. it doesn’t make any sense; on the one hand, your attempting to talk about feminism, but you shit all over that almost in the very next sentence by talking about how some women can’t have ‘real friends’ amongst people of the same caste. if that is how you choose your friends, no wonder you have such a poor opinion of friendship.

    addressing your start up line (what a kicker!) brahmin men will sleep with a dalit woman but not marry her. lady, you’re a doctor (supposedly). at some point, you must have read about the physiology behind an erection. The ‘love hormone’ oxytocin has nothing to do with the capability of a man to have intercourse. if a man thinks you’re attractive, yes, he is going to want to sleep with you. Trust me, his penis is not making the distinction between caste at that point in time. then on to marriage; if a man loves a woman, he will want to marry her. that should be as simple a that, but unfortunately, in our country it is not. things are, however, getting better. with the rising number of inter caste, inter religion and inter nationality marriages happening we’re looking at a ‘global race’. National geographic has come out with quite beautiful Computer graphically generated image of what a human is most likely to look like in the year 2050. give it a read.

    if you’d applied to colleges any tie within the past 10 years, you will see that Forward castes have no reservations. they fall under the general quota. Backward castes, on the other hand, have reserved seats. i wonder if anyone even knows this, but Dr. Ambedkar, the founding father of our most holy text – the indian constitution, made these reforms to support the oppressed castes in the first 10years following independence. no. more. Forgive me, but i think it’s been just a tad bit more than 10 years.

    Lady, go take a hike. if you want to be a religious zealot, go right ahead. but have the decency to call yourself that. do not mask yourself as a so called feminist to try and further your political views. i honestly don’t care if you’re a dalit, a christian or a koala bear worshipper. it does not matter to me how you bash women of other societies, that is your wont to do so. but the minute you make yourself out to be a woman standing up for ‘woman’s’ rights (all women – i don’t think there’s a sub classification there), you most definitely come under my spectrum of interests. because then, you’re giving feminism and feminists every where a bad name. be it the brahmin social worker, the dalit doctor, the muslim teacher in an all hindu area – we’re all suffering under the poorly misguided conception of the supremacy of men. in fact, most me are better feminists than you! what is to be gained from being with someone (man or woman) who is not on the same playing field as you? Sincerely, i hope you find the the time to research what it is you’re planning on writing about next. god forbid some impressionable man or woman comes across this piece of garbage. we don’t need any more zealot’s. I think Hitler taught us that one lesson pretty darn well.


  77. Writing about the persecution of Dailt women – quite agreeable. Yes, Dalits have been persecuted for a long time and still bear the brunt of caste discrimination in a large part of rural India.
    The situation has to change, the discrimination has to be done away with. Education is the key factor. Education for women, empowers them. Education can alleviate poverty, pave way for progress, for an egalitarian society without the shadows of caste.

    If you had written the article from an objective angle with the sole purpose on improving the plight of Dalit women, I would readily agree with your view points. But the moment you decided to play into the caste politics – making it a one on one against Brahmin men and Dalit women, you lost credibility. You come across merely as an individual with an agenda against one community and your writing – a biased whitewash of words without power or purpose.

    Education is a biggest weapon to tackle the issue. Education to women. Not taking survey if a Brahmin male would marry a Dalit woman. If you persist on writing on such lines, please link a survey that you had taken on this.
    How many Brahmin men are keeping Dalit women as sex slaves.
    How many men (from other castes) have done the same thing
    If percentage of Brahmin men alone are such an overwhelming majority in the above act, with men from other castes being a negligible amount ?
    Without such a justification, this article makes the entire brutality of injustice met to women are only done by Brahmin men – is utter hogwash and painted with a heavy communal bias of thought from the author.

    Pls be objective and write on important issues. But don’t go overboard and come across as a communal propagandist yourself.


  78. I am Brahmin. By that I mean born in a Brahmin family. I don’t have any pride or shame in being one. I don’t go door to door begging like my ancestors did, except on Mahalaya festival, neither do i perform pooja or rituals for others nor do i read the sacred scripturesor know the sanskrit language. Nothing of benefit has ever come across me for my Brahmin identity. Not social not financial not personal.I have accepted it as my religion to live as by Brahmin culture. That means i am a Hindu. Because a Brahmin is a Hindu community. You say you are a Dalit . Are u proud to be a Dalit ? What does it mean when u say you are a Dalit? By your name I have guessed you are a Christian. So you are Dalit and a christian. Which identity is relevant to you? What is the culture of a Dalit community. Is there a Dalit customs and tradition that your family follows? Or do you follow only christian traditions.? If so why identify as Dalit? Is it for the reservations? As a Brahmin I have been ridiculed and taunted so many times I can’t count. I have tried in many places to keep my identity a secret but it is extremely difficult to hide probably because of my looks , my manners and my speaking style. I have been judged by many lower caste classmates without any fault of mine. Even my being vegetarian has been a issue of contempt. Brahminism is my religion , what right do they have to ridicule my religion. Am I not a human like you? Have I wronged you in anyway personally? I have never wronged any girl in my life . Many girls have flirted with me but I haven’t flirted back ever. I have explained to them ultimately it will be a girl picked by my mother whom I have to marry. I don’t see any wrong in arranged marriage. I have never believed in love anyway. For this I have been accused of misogyny and not man enough. Many of my classmates have got better opportunities because of the reservations even when I had scored highest in my batch. Now they ridicule me as a loser. I sometimes feel I have done some crime by being born as Brahmin. I just hope a day will come when there’s true equality in India so that my children will not face the same discriminations in society. But that seems a far fetched dream.


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