Ambedkar – on the annihilation of caste

This was one of the most extraordinary and powerful speeches in the history of India.

It was never delivered.



  1. Ganesh,I am not a Christianity supporter. There are many practices within Christianity that goes against human rights. I feel that for Hinduism to be a truly great religion, the leaders must try to understand the caste system and what it does to the dalits and ‘untouchables’. Why is education so low among the dalits, why is health so bad? Why are most of the malnourished children dalits? You maybe angry with good reason about other religions but within Hinduism, there needs to be an understanding of how the dalits are marginalised and ostracised.


    • Sorry to hear this gentleman’s profanity, with very shallow understanding. It is very interesting to follow your trail of work. I quoted the same work of ambedkar from your link to elite PhD elite Dalits. They are lost in the corporate IT world of money making, thinking IT opportunities will eliminate caste system, and Dr. Ambedkar’s ideas are no more valid. It is a pity. I also quoted the work of Dr. Ambedkar’s book “Riddles in Hinduism” – now in pdf format. When the internet was not there, RSS used to buy this book in bulk from Maharashtra Govt publication and burn them. So profound is Dr. Ambedkar’s work in sociology and law. Your work is a GREATEST gift to indian modern life. Please continue. I agree with your thinking that “Hinduism is a great religion, and its leaders need to understand the caste system”. The issues on dalit voice from VT Rajshekar, magnifies the negative aspects of hinduism. When one puts down a religion, the followers pounce back revolting and calling the person names with profanity. You have not sounded anything negative at all. Yet this gentleman uses profanity. You are just showing a link to Dr. Ambedkar’s work. I wonder how many shallow thinkers are so moronic to believe what they want to believe. Educational institutions have promoted emotions than reasoning. Even Dalit elites are lost.
      I also follow Arundhati Roy’s thinking and work. I think you two are the two individuals who stands up in the entire india and think on your own. The men are dead long back, intellectually, I think.


  2. The world will be free when messages about tolerance are rehearsed and sung at every point of human interaction including reflexive response to personal idiosyncracies


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