Deeply dippy about NGOS, deeply mad…….

The adage “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones’ DOES NOT apply to NGOs. NGOs belong up there in a state between nirvana and mania.

 On the one hand, they are ecstatic about their own self acclaimed spaces, and the devil be damned if some of those tribal folks gotta get cleared out in the process. On the other hand, or should I say arm (or maybe even leg), they live in a perpetual delusional state of mania.

 Now here comes the disclaimer. Don’t get me wrong. I see NGOs in space and some in between zones, that actually do good work. YES THEY DO. They do good work – THEY STAY OUT IN SPACE. If that’s not good, whats good I say? I mean, seriously??

 OK, so we haven’t sorted what the mania is all about. Get this……….. I write about an NGO that solicits government projects to do what the government doesn’t do. The minor point is that they don’t do it either. But what the heck, at least one gets money to pay salaries.

 Salaries of who one may ask? But actually one may NOT ask. What if it doesn’t tally with the tally book, for crying out loud. Too too too too too dangerous. Ha, we NGOs laugh in the face of danger. We sit at meetings all day long ponderously brooding over world affairs and how these can be effectively misused. MISUSED did I say? Sorry typo that. These typos – they ought to be banned. Shamelessly typos increase hospital utilization rates, they reduce deaths, they increase happiness, they decrease sadness – one gets the picture, right??

 So here we have this NGO that ACTUALLY asks for a government project knowing fully well it has neither the inclination nor the capacity for it. I, impertinent midget that I am, ask “How so?” and BOaugh *#@@&%*, heaven breaks apart, and the nirvana de-metamorphosizes into a rabid dog. 

It barks – woof woof. Doggie shut the ###*** up. You are so noisy, you’d make yourself blind. Now you are dumb and deaf and blind too. Well, good for us we have a beggar’s home you can stay at. Just make sure you avoid eating yourself to an early grave. AND don’t expect any MISSION director to come and check your lousy case – coz he’s out there – gazing at birds, or something like that.

Go to sleep baby.


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