Global Integrity country assessments play an important role in the World Bank’s Country policy

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Yes, sure, World bank funds Global Integrity; Global integrity makes reports; WB uses those reports for country policy – sure that’s not conflict of interest – that’s integrity, for sure

Making Governance Aid Smarter

  • Global Integrity country assessments play an important role in shaping the World Bank‘s Country Policy and Institutional Assessments (CPIA) process. CPIA assessments are internal World Bank country reviews compiled on an annual basis for countries across multiple socio-economic dimensions. CPIA ratings significantly influence the World Bank’s International Development Association (IDA) loan allocations. IDA countries are home to more than two billion people, half of the total population of the developing world, most of which, an estimated 1.5 billion, survive on incomes of US$2 or less a day.
  • The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), a U.S. government corporation that selects countries for economic growth and poverty reduction programs based on their commitment to good governance, has drawn heavily upon Global Integrity assessments and now relies on Global Integrity data as an official source of supplementary information for selecting countries eligible for MCC funding. MCC has used Global Integrity assessments as a tool for diagnosing policy performance and has found that “the indicators contained in [our] reports are highly comprehensible and comparable across countries.” Global Integrity’s assessments have also proven critical in the design of MCC’s Threshold Programs, which support policy reform in developing countries, particularly in anti-corruption programs.



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  2. I don’t really follow. Setting aside Global Integrity for a moment, the World Bank funds research — lots of it. It’s one of the more useful thing the Bank does. Should it ignore this stuff? Stop funding research? Cease to exist entirely?


  3. Dear Anonymous, while I am no great expert on the topic, I do know that the World Bank has some sneaky policies. There is a great deal of pretension about being the agency to save the world. Ultimately it is about motive. I think their motive is to get a foot into the door of all governments and then take charge.
    They don’t follow most (or all) of the accountability and transparency demands that they constantly make on everyone else.

    As far as research is concerned, the outcomes of the research are already pre-determined, so its hardly objective and there is serious conflict of interest. The pilot studies of WB always come out looking good. This then becomes a reason for large scale takeover.

    For instance, a WB funded project in India claimed that private water supply was better than public supply, because morbidity (illness) rates were less with the first. This study would then be used by this agency to ask for privatization of water supply of the entire country.

    What they didn’t want to take into account is that the pilot private water supply ensured 24 hr running water supply which means less stored water, less bacteria (germs), less infection. They know that it is impossible to give 24 hr water supply to the entire country but really they couldn’t care less as long as public services were handed over to them.

    So I would take all WB funded research with a pinch of salt. What do you think??

    If they did shut down shop, I doubt the world would be any the worse for it.


  4. What stale news about World Bank and what it does – it is not the 90s any more. This is well known. Do something about it instead of writing same stale conspiracy theories as if it is something that you discovered yesterday. What naiveté


  5. Why the anonymity?

    So this news has been going around since the 90s and people still haven’t learnt ???

    You say its well known and you also call it a conspiracy theory. Guess you need to make up your mind. And high chances you are part of WB or part of the research it sponsors.

    I’m doing my bit – obviously it’s not a lot at all.


  6. Anonymous, this is my blog and I can write pretty much what I please (YIppee) you can buzz off if you don;t like……………..


  7. Yippe! I will live in my own bubble and make comments about how the world is a bad bad place, but I will not do anything more than writing a blog about it!


  8. If I lived in a bubble why would I care two hoots if the world is a bad place or not? Well I may not do a lot more than writing a blog, but certainly that’s not the only thing I do. How would you know unless of course you are who I think you are – then no surprises at all …………


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