World Bank funds its own research to ensure transparency and accountability. What a joke!

I was a peer reviewer for the Global Integrity report 2010-2011.  I was then asked to be a ‘publicity partner’ which means I disseminate the report to the media, bring out policy documents, promote the report through my networks, blogs etc. I was happy to do so and agreed.

Subsequently (and after reading the article by Arundhati Roy – Capitalism, a Ghost story), I went onto the website of the Global Integrity report and realized that they were funded by World Bank. Once I discovered that, I realized that many other things fell into place.

The Mission of this body is “Global Integrity champions transparent and accountable government around the world by producing innovative research and technologies that inform, connect, and empower civic, private, and public reformers seeking more open societies.Striving to ensure more transparent and accountable government for all citizens, regardless of state, region, or country, is at the crux of everything we do.”

This body, funded by the World Bank, holds governments across the world accountable??? The World Bank is one of the must unscrupulous and corrupt agencies with total lack of conscience and accountability. This body holds MY GOVERNMENT accountable? Accountable to whom? To them?

I have written to them as below.

Dear ********,


I had written to you two days earlier offering to be a publicity partner for the Global Integrity report. Subsequently, I went onto the website and checked out the funders. I was shocked and dismayed to see that the World Bank was one of the, and quite possibly the largest, funders

Dear ********, I am sure you are well aware that the World Bank policies are being criticized the world over for being anti people. The strategies of this agency have been clearly targeted at undermining and destabilizing local governments, prominently using catch phrases like ‘accountability’, ‘governance’ and ‘transparency’. However, these same three qualities are least demonstrated by the World bank and its associated partners.

The World bank (deleted Global Integrity report), as I am sure you are well aware, has the primary intention of showing governments, especially those that offer benefits by being taken over, in a poor light. The solution to this ‘evidence’ of poor government functioning, would then necessarily be a take over of essential services and goods in developing countries by the muscle men and women of developed countries. The report will not take into consideration the total lack of accountability in the corporate and private sector and how that influences ‘global integrity’. This approach is self-serving and blatantly unfair.

In this context, I think there has been a failure of the Global Integrity team to disclose conflict of interest. The use of a third service provider such as Indaba to collect national data and information would therefore qualify as ‘intent to conceal’.



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  1. We respectfully submit that this blog post misrepresents several aspects of Global Integrity’s work, and we would like to clarify some of the misinformation.

    For one, Global Integrity is an independent organization, and its research is based on data collected by a large network of more than 1,300 local contributors from countries around the world. The World Bank is not the largest – or even a significant – donor for Global Integrity or its annual Global Integrity Report. The list of our diverse donors and our audited financials can be consulted online (

    Additionally, the Global Integrity Report is a guide to anti-corruption institutions and mechanisms around the world. A primary goal of the Report is to help policymakers, advocates, journalists and citizens identify and anticipate the areas where corruption is more likely to occur. We view the Report as a roadmap toward reform, not a name-and-shame exercise.

    Finally, Indaba ( is an online tool to manage the contributors who collect and publish the information contained in the Report, as well as many other projects. It was designed by Global Integrity without the World Bank’s funds or participation. Indaba is currently used by a range of third-party organizations to better coordinate fieldwork and research projects, and enables contributors to submit data and reporting without the headaches associated with bulky spreadsheets and the like.

    We always encourage and welcome feedback and criticism from the public and our contributors.


  2. Dear Global Integrity team,

    One sentence in my letter to you read “ The Global Integrity report, as I am sure you are well aware, has the primary intention of showing governments, especially those that offer benefits by being taken over, in a poor light.” It should actually read “The World Bank, as I am sure you are well aware, has the primary intention of showing governments, especially those that offer benefits by being taken over, in a poor light.”

    I have changed this on my blog, and apologise for the error.

    However, I must insist that you receiving funds from the World Bank, makes your motives and outputs highly questionable.

    The World Bank has been criticized severely for its deliberate and willful destabilization of governments the world over. In my country India, it influences critical decisions that are detrimental to the poor, it arm twists using its financial muscle power to facilitate the growing corporate nexus, and it adds and nurtures the government’s inability and unwillingness to take away the multiple burdens that the poor in my country face.

    I am sure you are well aware of all this. I would assume that a body such as yours, that promotes global integrity, would put itself under the scanner at regular intervals, to assess its own moral standing. Isn’t that really what integrity is all about?

    As far as I know (which probably in all honesty, is not much), the World Bank would not support any initiative that does not benefit and actively promote its own agenda of arm twisting governments into a never ending vortex of debt, repayment and poverty.

    If you accept funds from the World Bank, then you will necessarily be tarnished with the same brush. It is highly unlikely (even to me, sitting in remote India) that the World Bank is a benign patron who is funding your research out of ‘goodwill’ It is also highly unlikely that you will be seen as having anything less than a nexus with the World Bank. After all donor integrity is important too, isn’t it?

    Or is your policy to question governments while accepting funds from agencies that destabilize these very same governments?



  3. Dear Global Integrity team,

    The blog in question is very frequently known to misrepresent and distort facts to pursue agenda and put up an appearance of activism. People who actually read the content will know better!


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