On being ‘fairly’ stupid

The advertisements for fairness creams are more and more ‘in YOUR FACE’ these days. The most recent one is about a girl playing chess with a dude. She goes off (in the middle of the game), gets fair (with the cream being promoted), comes back and knocks all the black pieces off the chess board. The advertisement ends with ‘Black is out, white is in”.

I mean, can these people get real. What’s with this fairness racket? Kids brains get screwed from the word go based on the color they are or the color they unfortunately are not.

If one took a look at advertisements for any product, the models – whether young or old – are all fair-skinned. What do the dark-skinned people of the world and country do? There is an interesting word in Tamil called “kalai’. It’s a hard word to translate and this was probably deliberate because it’s a quality that is very interestingly present in only the dark-skinned.

The closest meaning could probably be is “charm that is very quintessential’, or putting it differently, a ‘very natural and original charm’. At a personal level, I have found this ‘kalai’ only in dark-skinned people – maybe it is the warmth of the skin tone, or the fact that their eyes are darker, or that they are more connected with the earth. It would probably need an expert opinion and some research, but this trait or feature is lacking absolutely in a white skinned person.

Some one I know said that white skinned people look like ‘bleached cockroaches’. Well without meaning to be racist, why is this bleached cockroach look being promoted by brand companies?

There is another advertisement for a dish-washing soap where the challenge is that one soap would be able to wash tons and tons of dishes. So women wash dishes while the challenge is on. It is ironic that all the women washing dishes are dark-skinned ! So is one pushing a class and caste agenda while pushing the color agenda? Is it a push to state that ‘upper class’ equals fair and vice versa?

It is a fact that dark-skinned women are incredibly beautiful and dark-skinned men are astonishingly handsome. For stupid fair-skinned people who want to suppress the dark-skinned beautiful men and women, life has only one story to tell. Keep trying, but you won’t succeed.

The real beautiful men and women will one day stand up and throw your fairness creams in your face. They will tell you without mincing words, where you can shove your fairness creams. They will also stand up and proudly say ‘The most beautiful thing about us is the color of our skin. Why in damnation should we want to change it?’.

This, hopefully, will lead to a thunderous crash of the largest scam ever – the fairness industry.


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