Fun and games

You want to play a game, you say?

Mm, okay, what kind?

A fun game ?

Oh wow, I love those. Tell me.

You will be a super hero, and I got to pretend that you are?

How boring will that be?

Fun for you maybe, whatabout me?

OK fine if it matters that much, fine

Oh now you want to change it?

OK whatever

Now you will pretend like you care about the world

And I gotta pretend that you do?

That’s easy

I’ve done that before. Its just that Mmmm

You are exasperated now and want to know what the fuss is about?

No fuss really, just a doubt

You are listening?

OK, Mmm basically how are you going to pretend to care about the world?

Are you going to write, and I read your book?
Or will you have a blog and I click on like?

Or will you write on a yahoo group, and I agree to what you say?

Or maybe, you will be my boss and when you tell it so to others

I gotta say ‘Yes, right, that’s right?”

Some clarity is what I want, ya?

You think I am being stupid?

That you can’t be bothered with details?
And neither are people who we are pretending for?

OK, I’ll get my make-up on

You want me to have a natural look?

Oh OK, Mmm, you want me to pretend to be natural?

No? sorry, just clarifying

Mmm, you want me to be natural about my pretending?

You’re irritated now and say I am playing with semantics

I’m sorry, but once the show unfolds, I might mess up

You say I can’t and I have no business to?

I don’t like this game anymore. Can I leave?

You say I can’t because the play needs me?

You know what you can do with your stupid play

You say you don’t like me anymore?

That’s fine.

I THINK I”LL SURVIVE without your like.

Surprised you huh?


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