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JANA AROGYA ANDOLANA KARNATAKA (JAAK) is the Karnataka State circle of international People’s Health Movement and the India chapter Jan Swasthya Abhiyan advocating for the dignity and well-being of the oppressed and marginalised, and committed to the health rights of the most disadvantaged.
JAAK members express their shock at the still prevalent practice of ‘made snana’ (practice of low caste community members rolling in the waste food  left over by Brahmins) that is still prevalent in the temple of Kukke Subramania temple in Dakshina Kannada and Sri Krishna Temple, Udupi.  We condemn the attack and assault onSri  K.S.Shivaramu, President-Hindulida Vargagala Jagruthi Samithi and his 4 friends  in the temple premises  during their visit for the fact finding. The police not only did not offer any help in protecting them but were also complicit in the attack  as  they remained mute spectators! The temple authorities should be ashamed that a temple visited by dignitaries and celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar, Aishwarya Rai and others has such an uncivilised, unhygienic and irrational practice of making the lower caste community bathe in the waste food left over by Brahmins!  This is an atrocious  practice of caste discrimination!

JAAK demands immediate ban on the uncivilised practice of ‘made snana’ which is still promoted as the symbol of hegemony of brahminical forces over other communties and JAAK demands that the Kukke-subramaniam Trust and temple authorities to apologise to Sri Shivaramu for the attack. Immediate investigation should be done into this attack and the culprits should be punished.JAAK STATE WORKING GROUP


The Secretariat,

Jana Arogya Andolana -Karnataka JAA-K)

Website: www.phmovement.org, www.phm-india.org, www.sochara.org
“Health is a social, economic and political issue and above all a  fundamental human right. Inequality, poverty, exploitation, violence and injustice are at the root of ill-health and the deathsof poor and marginalised people. Health for all means that powerful interests have to be challenged, that globalisation has to be opposed, and that political and economic priorities have to be drastically changed.” (PHM,  Preamble of People’s Charter for Health  2000)


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