On being ‘fairly’ stupid

The advertisements for fairness creams are more and more ‘in YOUR FACE’ these days. The most recent one is about a girl playing chess with a dude. She goes off (in the middle of the game), gets fair (with the cream being promoted), comes back and knocks all the black pieces off the chess board.... Continue Reading →


Fun and games

You want to play a game, you say? Mm, okay, what kind? A fun game ? Oh wow, I love those. Tell me. You will be a super hero, and I got to pretend that you are? How boring will that be? Fun for you maybe, whatabout me? OK fine if it matters that much,... Continue Reading →

EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT: Water policy must not be driven by corporations and global finance.


On the death of a child….

While historically Rome may have burnt as Nero fiddled, zooming closer home, one sees the irony being recreated. The Minister of Women and Child Development watched pornography while yet another child died today of malnutrition related causes in the state. Malnutrition is a convenient medical terminology. It masks and dehumanizes. It puts the onus of... Continue Reading →



JANA AROGYA ANDOLANA KARNATAKA (JAAK) is the Karnataka State circle of international People's Health Movement and the India chapter Jan Swasthya Abhiyan advocating for the dignity and well-being of the oppressed and marginalised, and committed to the health rights of the most disadvantaged.JAAK members express their shock at the still prevalent practice of 'made snana'... Continue Reading →


EU trade negotiations with India on life saving drugs

ALL INDIA DRUG ACTION NETWORK http://aidanindia.wordpress.com/ Towards a people oriented, rational, drug policy! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OPEN LETTER TO THE PRIME MINISTER EXPRESSING CONCERN OVER THE EU TRADE NEGOTIATIONS AND ACCESSS TO LIFE SAVING & ESSENTIAL MEDICINES Date 6th February 2012 To, Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India South Block, Raisina Hill, New Delhi-110 011 Tel:... Continue Reading →


Call for transparency from Government of Karnataka – National Nutrition Mission

Monday, February 06, 2012 Veena Rao IAS, Officer for Nutrition Mission Government of Karnataka Subject: Calling for Transparency, Fairness and Openness in selecting NGOs for the Nutrition Mission AND request to be added in the correspondence list of Civil Society Organisations Dear Madam, Greetings from Jana Arogya Andolana Karnataka! This letter is written in the... Continue Reading →


Niche music

Yesterday some of us attended a musical performance by the Hadouk Trio. The musicians were Didier Malherbe, Loy Ehrlich and Steve Shehah. Between them, they played a variety of instruments ranging from the doudouk, flute, khen, kora, gumbass, hang, percussions and more. Considering that I am no great expert on music and function entirely on... Continue Reading →


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