Who the **** decided that medical education was bigger than experience?

So yes, you have the two piece **** medical student, with his or her two piece **** medical education – twiddling a stethescope, nodding sagely and wearing THE coat.

He or she also wears the blinkers.

Why the blinkers, one may ask?

The answer is simple really -if not for the blinkers, he or she may begin to see, and one certainly doesn’t want that, does one?

There is a closely guarded secret among the medical fraternity. The secret is unfortunately out now – luckily not known by everyone, but just by a few intelligent people. It is still well guarded.

‘What’s the big secret?” one might ask.

Well the secret is that there are strict criteria for selection of doctors – the first is that he or she SHOULD be a megalomaniac. He or she should feel and be innately convinced that the world started on the day he or she was born, and will (it’s the logic, stupid) end the day he or she dies, the possibility of which they think is rather low.

The other criteria are not relevant to this discussion, so let’s leave them aside for the time being.

Once the basic requirement of a megalomaniac has been established, the training goes on to further nurture the megalomania. Therefore, at the end of the five years, you have a megalomaniac trained in only one thing and that is – that he or she knows best.

Then they go on to infiltrate different arenas – hospitals, medical councils, NGOs, tribal areas, governments, international bodies, and they mouth the most utter nonsense. Now this is nonsense based on total conviction. They really do believe everything they say and do.

It is these bunch of megalomaniacs that decide that they are experts because of their ****ing five years of education, most of which is spent on drugs, booze, partying and hip-hopping anyway.

The majority of them have never conducted deliveries, treated any condition of any worth in the country, are brainwashed in their preparations for travel to Australia, Europe and America, and have no clue about anything related to health.

All they know about is illness and that too, western illness. They decide that experience counts for peanuts and anyone who is worthy of listening to, has to be a Dr. Megalomaniac who was rich or at least is attempting to be.

Who the **** put these guys in charge? That’s the reason the health system is so messed up. That’s the reason deaths are so high. Stop putting these megalomaniacs in charge of health. See how the system improves in leaps and bounds.

Bring on the nurses and midwives I say……………


One comment

  1. Dear Dr. Karpagam,

    This is Dr. Kavery Chinnappa from Viveknagar. If you are still interested, please contact me after 13th Feb (I am not in station until then).

    Dr. Kavery Chinnappa


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