Chasing numbers; Betraying people

Yesterday I attended the release of a book “Chasing numbers, betraying people” by a sexual minority group. What was particularly interesting about the release was that the speakers, organizers and majority of the attendees were from the sexual minority groups. “This’ I thought ‘is a stable way forward for real empowerment, rather than having a... Continue Reading →


Why are ‘these’ people neither educated nor healthy ?

Qualitative data from women living in the SC colonies (Schedule caste/dalit/untouchable families live outside the ‘regular’ village) show that access to health and education is severely limited by a combination of factors. These are excerpts from some of the people interviewed. ‘Our children used to drop out of the school and take care of animals.... Continue Reading →

The India we love….

Please consider endorsing the statement below both individually and organizationally. Share it with others. (For IADHRI) ---------------------------------------------------------- International Alliance for the Defense of Human Rights in India (IADHRI)* December 2, 2011: IADHRI strongly condemns the custodial torture of Soni Sori and demands immediate prosecution of the culpable officials. The recently received medical report of Soni... Continue Reading →

The intellectual rationale for inhuman medical practices…….

Doctors have long since moved from the realms of godliness and humaneness to a cut-throat competitiveness for power, money and position. To be ill in current times when one is poor amounts to nothing more than gross stupidity. Only a very, very stupid poor person would fall ill in our current health scenario. Apart from... Continue Reading →

How poor patients get treated at private hospitals

A sting Operation by NDTV reveals that well known Private Hospitals in Delhi Namely, Apollo and Fortis Hospital do not even treat poor patients with basic human dignity and respect . Article 21 of the Indian Constitution imposes an obligation on the state to safeguard the right to life of every person. Preservation of human... Continue Reading →

Rolling on the leftovers of brahmins

News » States » Karnataka Udupi, December 1, 2011 ‘Made snana' held on Krishna Math premises Staff Correspondent The Hindu Devotees performing "Made Snana" in front of the Subrahmanya shrine in the Sri Krishna Math/Temple premises in Udupi on Wednesday. Writer demands ban on the ritual in all temples Over 20 people participated in ‘made... Continue Reading →

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