Theatre of the oppressed

Interesting title I thought – sounds exactly like my area of interest, so I grabbed a poor friend and made him drive me to the venue.

Bad enough we couldn’t find the place, bad enough we had trouble parking, bad enough we waited for an entire hour for the program to start. This was nothing compared to the program itself.

Two city bred Brahmins regale us with how they deal with oppression. “Dude’ I want to say ‘ have you thought of getting an actual oppressed out here to talk. Can you just STOP talking on their behalf and how you think they feel and how you think they are oppressed and how you can help them not be oppressed?’

I am rather tired of these miserable human rights representatives. ‘Could you handle leadership from an oppressed person?’ I want to ask ‘ Would you sit there listening to the kind of drivel you expect us to sit and listen? Or would you say stuff like low education, poor quality, inadequate training, low empowerment – you know crap like that?”

Give us a break man..Why is it that you are sitting on a dais and giving me a monologue of what my rights are. What are you – some kind of middle man? A pimp?

Move over, you know what – don’t assume about my quality. If I come and talk unschooled English and use weird mannerisms, give me that space, dude. Give me that space, or shut up.

You know what I mean? Just shut up for a bit and let us talk……………..


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