We got the nation – now what?

Agreed we need a new identification.

A brand new, fresh, pure Hindu nation

OK dude the Christian’s sorted,

His brain’s all fried and he’s not devoted

To anything that resembles his original faith.

We’ve reconverted him back now, at the stake

His brain anyway was rather rotten.

Infected by our castes he’d badly gotten

His bride even had the audacity

To question his caste and his purity

She proudly claimed her brahmin background

‘But also friendly with dalits’ she  frowned.

Shall we teach our children to hate those Muslim folk?

And while we’re at it, the Christian bloke ?

Should we teach them to stab and  beat ‘em

But they might come back, so lets just kill ‘em

Would teach them a lesson not to mess with religion

We are after all an unified nation

What shall we teach ‘em about corruption and greed?

It’s good for some, but bad for the low breed

Power is but a leader’s dharma.

You ain’t got it?– well blame your karma.

The dirty devils should forsake education,

Their karma’s at stake and their rightful pollution.

But we still got some questions for clarity kind of

Who’s gonna be the religious role model hereof?

Is it turquoise quills – would he be the one?

What about his cavorting and fiddling in the sun?

Yo babe, with his sundry consorts you gotta live.

Get your sheaths ready before your CP you can give.

Or maybe you’d rather take your pick of the one,

Who will demit you right after wedlock, for fun

Maybe he won’t do it for fun, but just till you prove,

He’s the only one for whom you will groove

Agreed, yo, this nation’s dream will bear us,

Beware – foreskin deplete and scapular wearers

You might get decimated, or lambasted or killed.

Don’t snivel then and don’t be strong willed

We’re transcribing another Mein Kampf for you,

So you’ll figure in a page of history or two.

So don’t go whimpering and scheming and screaming

To prevent this national dream we’re dreaming

Shall we let our child go and do as he wish?

What if, walhall forbid, he eats mutton, chicken, fish?

Or eats the blessed beef, even worse?

Do we cut off his gossamer or just ululate and curse?

Of course in India, it’s not a problem at all,

Coz we’ve banned cow slaughter and shut the fish stall

But how shall we reconcile those surplus calorie needs

Of those emaciated chandalas and their rascally deeds?

But why on earth meet those calorie needs at all?

Do we really want a strapping and educated chandal?

Then we’d have a tough time preventing our pure blooded chicks

From contemplating their muscular thighs and *****

Shall we teach them that the Shudra and the dirty little outcaste

Should not be touched? It’s a lesson from the past

We want our nation by hook or by crook

It’s our dream, that’s what it says in our holy book.

It’s not too late, we should fight to the end,

Till these christians and muslims – their backs we bend.


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