One day in the life of a nobody

When we go home tonight

Remind me to sing you a song

Last night, I promised I know

But somehow, the day seemed long

Wonder what I was busy with

Was it you, or was it us

Can’t remember………..

Maybe tonight we could sit together

And do something special?

Shall we read?

Or not?

Maybe we could chat

About us??

About life?

How about a meal outside?

Maybe not..

What about television??

It doesn’t get me

Not interesting enough

Its boring

I’m bored.

I’m bored of sitting

And doing nothing

While the world rots

When fury burns me up seeing children on the street

When powers that be – shamelessly exploit

When injustice stares in my face

And I stare back

A picture of concern

And not much more

Maybe my anger would burn me up

So its not worth much

Maybe I should do a PhD

And talk at forums

Or maybe I should stop pretending to care

Maybe I should just go away on a holiday

To someplace where I can’t see

All of this

Maybe I should turn my face away

Ignore the pollution

Ignore the poison

Ignore the apathy

Maybe its not apathy

Maybe its just life

Maybe its just karma

One phase of existence

Screw the dying children

Screw the untouchables

Karma protects me

I am undefeatable

Because fate protects me

I think

I think

So maybe it’s true……


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