Why are corporates and NGOs not included in the Jan Lokpal Bill?

I attended a very big conference in Chennai a couple of months ago on Health Systems Strengthening funded by the World Bank. The World Bank and DFID representatives went up on stage and announced “If any state is interested in privatization, get in touch with us and we are happy to help” When I specifically... Continue Reading →


My representative forgot me (again)

Mr. Pillai (see his write-up below) represents the tragedy of India’s duplicity – of sitting on a moral high chair built on a graveyard and torture chamber of the untouchables in India. Worse than the physical abuse of racism, is the psychological abuse of caste, sanctioned by religion and diligently fed by the ‘stalwarts’ of... Continue Reading →

SC ST children are the worst hit: Malnutrition survey in Karnataka

This is a study I was involved in Malnourishment: children of SC, ST families worst-hit A group of NGOs conducted a survey in 11 districts In the wake of the Department of Women and Child Development acknowledging that there are 72,000 severely malnourished children in the State, a group of NGOs conducted a survey of... Continue Reading →


This is a request to boycott atleast two of NOVARTIS drugsr (Voveran and Calcium Sandoz) in India because of their unethical policies. (see below) PRESS RELEASE: RE-LAUNCH OF “BOYCOTT NOVARTIS” CAMPAIGN Novartis’ Supreme Court case threatens access to medicines in India and across the world  Drug Action Forum – Karnataka objects to Novartis’ five year... Continue Reading →

Message for international donors to India

There are several reasons why donors choose to fund India. Apparently there is no dearth of funds for research, innovations and essential services. Some donors may have a hidden agenda – infiltrating the Indian system - a foot into the door so to speak, followed by a takeover – controlling decisions and policies, opening markets... Continue Reading →

Power as a measure of accountability and responsibility

Adults maybe similar to children in some ways. Children don’t like to be insulted - they are more likely to do well with positive praise than negative. If we extrapolated this to adults, it appears that adults would not perform well if they are constantly being insulted and criticized. If men are told on different... Continue Reading →

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